Did Eagles try to claim Jarmon?

Update: Adam Schefter reports on Twitter that it is his understanding that the Eagles were among five teams to put in fourth-round claims for Jeremy Jarmon, the Kentucky defensive end who ended up going in the third round of today's supplemental draft to the Redskins.

Per Schefter, the other four teams were the Bucs, Saints, Lions and Patriots.

Schefter was the only one (that I saw at least) who predicted Jarmon would go in the third round. Many others were predicting he'd be a fourth-round selection.

The news that the Eagles were in the mix isn't a big surprise, considering reports surfaced last month that the Birds were working out Jarmon.

If the Kentucky DE sacks Donovan McNabb and forces a fumble at a crucial time in the next couple of years, we'll be reminded of this day.

If he has an insignificant NFL career, it will be forgotten.

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From earlier:

The Redskins were one of 18 teams reportedly in attendance when defensive end Jeremy Jarmon worked out at Kentucky last week.

And they are the ones that ended up with him in today's NFL supplemental draft, according to Mike Lombardi of the National Football Post.

Per Lombardi's Twitter page (and confirmed by several other media outlets), the Redskins will lose the 19th pick in the third round of next year's draft.

Shocking, isn't it? The Redskins using draft picks before the draft?

The Eagles were said to be interested in Jarmon according to an ESPN.com report by Joe Schad last month.

Redskins executive vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato told The Lexington Herald-Leader last week that the team was interested in Jarmon.

"First you evaluate (Jarmon) on film, and if you like what you see on film then it brings you down for the workout," he said. "It gives you a chance to see him move around and see him athletically, and you get to talk to him, his coaches and trainers and find out all the background information."

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that one of the reasons the 'Skins pulled the trigger in the third round is because the Lions were ready to grab him at the top of the fourth.

Jarmon entered the supplemental draft after testing positive for a banned substance. He was ineligible to play at Kentucky this season.

Jarmon was the only player selected. Others are available to sign as undrafted free agents.

I explained in more detail how the supplemental draft works in an earlier post.