Thoughts on the latest McNabb buzz

If traded, Andy Reid wants to give Donovan McNabb a chance to win. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

Jay Glazer of provided Eagles fans with their daily Donovan McNabb fix Saturday with a couple of pieces of new information on Twitter.

The nugget drawing much of the national attention is that the Redskins have inquired about McNabb, and the two sides went as far as to discuss players.

More on that below.

But the item that caught me by surprise was this:

It's hard to give #5 updates in 140 but team is trying to trade him someplace he'll be happy. Have offers but andy is trying to do him right

A short statement, and a Tweet so we'll try not to read too much into it. But doesn't the trying to do him right part pretty much go against every decision the franchise has made over the last decade?

Two sides here.

On the one hand, if the Eagles are going to make an exception for any player, in terms of caring where he lands after leaving Philly, it should be McNabb. He and Reid will forever be linked, and the Birds are right to give thought to where he spends the remaining years of his career.

But on the other hand, doesn't the focus of a potential deal have to be on the future of the franchise, and that alone? Don't the Eagles have to make a trade that puts them in position to have the most success going forward, even if that means sending McNabb to Oakland or Buffalo?

It's an interesting question. Given the way the franchise has operated in the past, you would think that it'd be a no-brainer. That they wouldn't think twice about sending McNabb to a place where he'd be unhappy if it was the best deal for the Eagles.

My guess is fans don't really care where McNabb goes. They just want the team to get the best deal. Let me know if I'm wrong here.

As for the Redskins angle, when I saw Glazer's first Tweet, I didn't think much of it. I figured many teams that haven't been mentioned publicly have at least "inquired" about McNabb's availability. But Glazer did update to clarify that Washington had more than a "mild interest."

Again, nothing is in the works here, and it's unclear when these discussions even took place. Count me among the masses who think it would be unwise to deal McNabb within the division.

Within the conference? I don't think that's as much of a hurdle. But to have to face McNabb twice a year and fill a hole on the roster of a division rival doesn't make much sense.

And finally, we have updated our list of Eagles draft prospect visits and workouts.

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