Quick links: Scout's take on Kolb

Today was supposed to be Victor Abiamiri's season in review, but I was a little more swamped than I expected and never got around to reviewing my notes on him.

That will come Wednesday. I promise. No sleep until we post on Abiamiri.

In the mean time, some quick nuggets below to hold you over.

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* By now, you've undoubtedly heard Kevin Kolb's radio comments where he refuted a report that he and the Eagles were talking contract extension. If the Eagles trade Donovan McNabb, an extension for Kolb would make sense. But until that happens, not sure why they'd approach the subject.

* Speaking of Kolb, Matt Williamson of Scouts, Inc. offered a report on him on ESPN.com:

"I think he can make every throw. He's a quick decision-maker, and he's a good enough athlete. Kolb has everything you want physically, and the ball comes out of his hand really nice. He has an awful lot of upside, almost like a Matt Schaub when he was in Atlanta or Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay [waiting] behind Brett Favre. Kolb just needs to get a crack at it. I kind of feel like he's the next guy to be breaking out, either with his present team or with a new team. Considering what some of the teams are starting in this league, I would start Kolb today, still being more of an unknown, over 10 or 12 starting quarterbacks for sure."

* ESPN loves all things McNabb/Kolb. Every day, they have an analyst talking about the Eagles' quarterback situation. And yesterday, when I logged on to ESPN.com's NFL page, they had a picture of McNabb to go along with a piece on the NFC South. Why? Blogger Pat Yasinskas was asked in a mailbag about the possibility of McNabb somehow landing in Carolina. His response:

If the Panthers tag [Julius] Peppers and the Eagles made McNabb available in a trade, I think that’s something the Panthers would have to consider. But it’s sounding more and more like the Panthers just might let Peppers walk. If that happens, I don’t know that will instantly free up $20 million. I think the Panthers, like a lot of teams, are going to be conservative this year because of the labor situation. Still, somehow, I’d like to see them get a quality quarterback. I think Matt Moore is an option, but he certainly isn’t a sure thing. John Fox needs a sure thing at quarterback.

* For whatever it's worth, Vic Carucci of NFL.com writes that the Eagles "are being mentioned as having possible interest" in Peppers.

Jason La Canfora of NFL.com has the Eagles fifth in his 2010 rankings. The Saints and Packers are the only NFC teams ahead of them:

The Eagles need to solidify offensive line, but love the Dick Jauron hire. Great depth at quarterback.

* Adrian Hasenmayer of FoxSports.com has the Eagles ninth in his 2010 power rankings:

One of the season's bigger frauds was exposed when Philly got blasted by Dallas in back-to-back weekends in January. This team has more lingering questions than most contenders -- QB, RB, O-line and defense.