Housh: Ochocinco wants out

T.J. Houshmandzadeh has been good to us here at MTC.

Before free agency began, he went on the radio and said he would like to play in Philadelphia if the Eagles wanted him.

After the signing period started, he texted ESPN 950, expressing his interest in playing here.

And while that obviously didn't work out, his quest to get the Eagles a receiver is not over.

Houshmandzadeh was a guest on NFL Network, and advised the Eagles to make a move for his ex-teammate.

Houshmandzadeh was asked if the Eagles might think about dealing for Chad Ochocinco.

"If they were smart, that’s what they would do," he said. "Chad has a lot to prove. He called me today. He’s crying, wondering why everybody is getting traded, why he can’t go. He wants out. He’s just wondering why everybody can get out but him."

At first, I thought we'd have a dry spell in terms of trade rumors, given that the Eagles dealt one of their first-rounders for Jason Peters over the weekend.

But with the news that cornerback Sheldon Brown wants out, we're once again free to speculate, so have at it.

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