Pre-game: Dawkins on his future

Fox's pre-game show today will feature an interview with Pam Oliver and Brian Dawkins where the Eagles safety says he wants to remain an Eagle.

B-Dawk is, of course, a free agent at the end of this season. has a clip from the interview posted on its Web site. Here's what Dawkins said about his future:

"I will say this, Lord's willing, I will only be a Eagle. And I don't want to ever look at me or try to see myself in any other uniform. I really don't. Maybe that hurts me in negotiations or whatever, but that's just what I feel. And I kind of stand by that. I want to be an Eagle. If anything happens after that -- anything can happen, I understand that -- and I'm not closing the door on anything but I personally would want to be an Eagle if at all possible."


Oliver asked Dawkins if he thinks he's in his final days as an Eagle.

"No, no. When that time comes, hopefully we'll be able to get something done," Dawkins said. "But I'm not sitting here telling you that I don't think it's gonna get done because I think it will."

From earlier:

These may be comments that Dawkins has made to the beat writers all season, but I thought it would be of interest nonetheless.

Dawkins turned 35 in October but was named to his seventh Pro Bowl.

I would ask MTC readers what you all think the team should do with Dawkins after this season, but I have a feeling it would be a pretty one-sided argument.

I'll try to update this post once the entire interview airs later today.

OK, time for a run, a shower, some lunch and then back here for the in-game chat at 12:30. Sunday is finally here ladies and gentlemen.