Practice notes: Fans still behind Sheldon

On Wednesday, when veterans arrived, the guy everyone was waiting for was Sheldon Brown.

Brown had his spat with the front office in the offseason, but reported on time and is going at it on the practice fields like he always does.

It's always interesting to see which side fans take in the player vs. front office battles. It seems to me that most would agree Brown should play out his contract, but those same people recognize his value and contributions to the Eagles.

That was evident today.

Brown was lined up one-on-one with DeSean Jackson a couple times during drills and got the best of the second-year receiver. The crowd noticed, and gave him his due.

It has to be odd for the guy to be here without Brian Dawkins or Lito Sheppard, but Brown has shown no difference on the field.

Some other notes from today:

** The other one-on-one wide receiver/cornerback matchup that was fun to watch was Ellis Hobbs vs. Reggie Brown. The Inquirer's Jeff McLane and I talked about the competition in today's video, which will be up shortly. On one play, Hobbs looked like he was beat, but recovered at the last second to force an incompletion. He clapped his hands and showed emotion as if it were a Sunday afternoon in October. Afterwards, Hobbs said that's just how he plays, and it's an aspect of his personality he wasn't able to display in New England with the Patriots.

** This is the time for trying new things out. Earlier we talked about the Eagles giving the Wildcat a shot. There was also a reverse to Jackson thrown in there, and you see guys like Leonard Weaver and Kyle Eckel getting carries.

** LeSean McCoy stood out a couple different times today. One was during the one-on-one blocking drills when he got the best of Quintin Mikell. The two went at it before McCoy forced Mikell to the ground. The next time around, though, Mikell got around him.

** An earlier drill pitted linebackers and safeties against running backs and tight ends, who were going out in to pass routes. Bradley went to bump McCoy in the 5-yard window, but missed as the "oooohs" and "ahhhhs" resonated from the crowd. The next time around, though, Bradley got a good lick on him.

** Lorenzo Booker struggled during the pass protection drills. At one point, Andy Reid pulled him aside and tried to show him the right technique. Not a good first few days for Booker, although he did have a good run later.

** Interesting set of events I noticed with cornerback Dimitri Patterson. At one point he had his helmet on the ground as he waited for his turn. Reid told him to pick it up. Then during one-on-one drills, he made contact too early, which in a game would have drawn a flag. Reid told assistant Brian Stewart to tell Peterson not to hold. Stewart tried to get the DB to keep his head up, and he had ended up having a nice pass break-up on the last play of the drill. After the play, Stewart jumped and pumped his fist, encouraged at how Patterson bounced back.

** I was Tweeting during the mini scrum, and when I looked up I just saw 6-foot-8 King Dunlap in the middle. He wasn't directly involved, but he's a guy you want to have your back in any type of scrum.

** Since I complimented him yesterday, I must point out that Brent Celek did have a drop today.

** Quentin Demps and Hobbs practiced returning kicks near the end of practice.

** Click here for my earlier post on Weaver. More after the p.m. practice.