Practice notes: No rest for McCoy

** If I get a chance, I'll try to ask LeSean McCoy later today how he's holding up. The guy has been put through the ringer these past two-and-a-half weeks. Rookie practices, full-squad practices, special-teams practices. You name it, and he's been out there. By my count, he hasn't missed even one.

It's funny that even though today is the last day of workouts at Lehigh, McCoy is getting the same one-on-one instruction he received on the first day here. This morning, the team ran a drill where running backs and tight ends went out in pass routes against linebackers. McCoy got matched up with Joe Mays, who delivered a blow at the line of scrimmage. A coach yelled at McCoy for not putting up enough of a fight, he got back in line, and he did it again a couple minutes later. The story of training camp for a rookie in the NFL.

** During the same drill, Mays had good coverage on Lorenzo Booker on a vertical route, but he turned around a little late, and the ball got past him into Booker's hands.  Mays smacked a light pole on the sidelines and yelled at himself for not making the play. This guy takes every rep seriously. I talked to him after practice and will have more from that conversation later today.

** If DeSean Jackson's knee is bothering him, he did not show it today. Jackson, who hyperextended his knee and is wearing a sleeve over it, beat Sheldon Brown for a touchdown during one-on-one wide receiver vs. cornerback drills.

** Shaheer McBride made one of the best catches I've seen all camp during the same drill. He made a diving grab, reaching out with one hand and pulling the ball into his body, to beat Byron Parker down the sideline. A smiling Jason Avant ran 20 yards down field to congratulate his teammate.

** Jeremy Maclin needed about seven jukes to get open against Brown. As Quintin Mikell pointed out, Donovan McNabb would have been sacked in that amount of time if it were a real game. Defensive assistant Brian Stewart gave Brown props, saying "If you go to work early, you don't have to go to work late."

** McNabb was all smiles this morning. When the offense made a good play, he would point to the crowd and get a huge cheer, and then put his hands down. Asante Samuel took the opposite approach, asking for boos when the offense did something good. It's kind of like at the Linc when they show someone in an Eagles jersey and then someone in a Cowboys jersey and the crowd alternates cheers and boos. That is a favorite of my dad's.

** Sean Jones made a nice play on the ball deep in the secondary. That's been his calling card this camp. When he's anywhere near the ball, he usually at least gets a hand on it.

** The Birds worked on their fake field goals today, and they were not as pretty as the Titans' trick play on Sunday. Sav Rocca took the snap and threw to Juqua Parker on one play and Brent Celek on another.

** Much more to come later as we wrap up camp.