Portis: McNabb third-best QB in NFC East

In an interview on his radio show today, Dan Patrick asked Clinton Portis to rank the quarterbacks in the NFC East.

Who did the Redskins' running back have No. 1?

"Gotta be Eli Manning. That's the Super Bowl champ," Portis said.


"Probably Tony Romo. He led his team to what, 13-3, last year?"



Where does Donovan McNabb rank among NFC East QBs?

"I would think Donovan McNabb," Portis said.

And finally he ranked his teammate Jason Campbell fourth. Throughout the interview, Portis reiterated that he wants the Redskins to fly under the radar.

Patrick asked him if there was a hit from Sunday's game against the Eagles that stood out.

"I think Brian Dawkins took a shot at me falling. You know, and when we got up I had to let him know, that was a good one, but you know, I was already falling. You probably could have kept that one.

...I let him know, I know it’s you and if I get my opportunity I’m gonna take the shot back."

Portis later clarified that he didn't think Dawkins' hit was a cheapshot.

In his Monday Morning Quarterback column, SI.com's Peter King wrote about how Portis called the Redskins' fourth-and-one play that sealed the victory. Here's what 'Skins coach Jim Zorn told King:

"I called the formation first,'' he said, "and then he called the play. He thought we should run a draw. I didn't say anything, and I looked at my plan. It was going to be very hard to run. But I thought about the play, and it was a good call. And he's a veteran. If a rookie had said anything, I'd have told him to shut up. But the call made sense. We ran it. He had to really hammer it out.''

Houshmandzadeh on the block?

I hate mentioning every little rumor here involving a wide receiver, but...OK, who am I kidding? I love mentioning every little wide receiver rumor here. In fact, I could probably make that the sole purpose of this blog if I wanted to.

But anyway, the Dayton Daily News reports that T.J. Houshmandzadeh's name is coming up quite often in trade rumors:

Rumor has it that the San Francisco 49ers could have interest in acquiring Bengals WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who will become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. According to a league source, Houshmandzadeh’s name has come up quite frequently during conversation at Niners headquarters in recent weeks.

ProFootballTalk.com says the rumors are unlikely unfounded in terms of the 49ers being interested in Houshmandzadeh, but the Bengals could be leaking rumors to make a potential trade sound more appealing.