We have training camp covered

The wait is almost over.

The 2009 football season officially begins Sunday afternoon as rookies and selected veterans report to Lehigh for training camp.

Moving the Chains is packing its bags and will be there pretty much the whole time with complete coverage.

As many of you know, my main job is to manage all the sports content on philly.com. Blogging is probably my favorite aspect of the job, but it really is just a small portion.

That being said, I wanted to give you a heads-up on our online plans. Here's what you can expect:

** Articles and columns from the Inquirer and Daily News. The beat guys will have you covered with the latest news, and the columnists will provide commentary and analysis as the Eagles try to answer some of the questions facing them at Lehigh.

** Blog posts throughout the day. You'll get updates from Birds' Eye View, Eagletarian, and of course, Moving the Chains, all straight from the fields.

** Daily video reports. I'll grab one of the reporters after every morning practice to break down what happened that day. In the afternoons, we'll post a second video, the topic of which will probably change every day.

** Live chats. Right now, we plan on having them three days a week -- Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This is your chance to have your questions answered straight from the people watching the Birds on the practice fields.

** Mobile alerts. You can sign up to receive text alerts straight to your phone. If there's an injury or other breaking news, you'll know about it right away.

** Follow me on Twitter. OK, so you've heard this one about 200 times. But I plan on Tweeting throughout camp so that's another way to get the information quickly.

I think that covers it. If there's anything specific you have a question about or would like to see, you can always e-mail me.

Sorry for the promotional post, but as you can probably tell, I'm pretty excited about how we plan on covering camp.

And if you'd like to hear me say the same thing in video form, click on the play button below. We tried getting closer to the Linc, but the parking attendants were going to charge us $12 since a Phillies game was set to begin in five hours. So we just set up shop across the street instead.

Talk to you Sunday afternoon when we hit the road. If I see Jeremy Maclin on the way looking for a ride (and a contract), I'll be sure to pick him up.