Only $3.5M guaranteed for McNabb?

Even before yesterday's loss to the Eagles, it was difficult to find anyone who thought giving Donovan McNabb $40M guaranteed really made sense.

McNabb turns 34 later this month, and as we all know by now, was benched by Mike Shanahan a couple weeks ago. He has thrown nine touchdowns and 11 interceptions for a 75.2 QB rating, which ranks 29th in the NFL.

So it's not too surprising that reports have surfaced this morning, indicating that McNabb really only is assured $3.5M guaranteed.

Per salary cap analyst J.I. Halsell, McNabb gets $3.5M guaranteed through the signing bonus of the new deal.

But that's it.

After this season, there's nothing stopping the Redskins from cutting McNabb. They only have to eat the $3.5M if they do so, not $40M.

Per's Adam Schefter, McNabb will be due a roster bonus of $10M if the Redskins choose to keep him in 2011, plus a base salary of $2.5M.

So basically, if McNabb and the Redskins turn their season around, they can hold onto him for 2011 for $12.5M and then go from there.

If the season continues to go downhill, and they decide McNabb's not the guy, and think they can find someone better, they can get rid of him.

Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post talks about the deal and how it affects Michael Vick:

Beyond Manning, Michael Vick – proving to be a special, game-changing player – also has an expiring contract. Vick has positive feelings about the Eagles -- one of only a couple teams that showed interest upon his release from prison last year (the others were teams that Vick did not want to play for)-- and may already be discussions on a deal that could fall in between McNabb and Brady.

Oh, and in case you missed it, Terrell Owens apparently chimed in on the deal via Twitter:

How do u justify a 78 million dollar contract w/this type of performance?

Owens, however, later said the Tweet was from his brother:

LOL!! I c my brother got all yall riled up w/his question about McNabb's contract! He's entitled 2 his opinion!

Now that that's settled, we can all return to living our lives.

Earlier today, I posted Man Up on the defense.

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