No NFL picks from Bill Simmons?

During football season, I have three national articles I read every week:

1. Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback column on

2. Stewart Mandel's college football mailbag on

3. And Bill Simmons' weekly picks on

Simmons' picks offer humor that you can't find elsewhere, and he has some of the funniest readers out there. In fact, it's one of the only things I click on other than news on nowadays.

So, probably like some of you, I noticed last week when Sports Guy's picks were not posted. Here's what he said on his personal blog:

Quick update: I received a slew of e-mails yesterday wondering what happened to my Friday NFL column and blaming me for being lazy and all the usual crap. Please know that I handed in that column as scheduled - on Thursday night, on time, like I always do -- and on Friday afternoon, decided not to run the column. These are the facts.

Not sure where that leaves us, but thought some of you who are also Simmons fans might want to know. Now go back to watching Steelers-Redskins.