No 10 observations today

For the first time since the end of August, there was no "10 observations" post on Moving the Chains this Monday morning.

And yesterday, for the first time since the end of August, there was no football.

There were NBA games on TV. And I hear there was an NHL All-Star Game, although I have been unable to confirm. But, no football.

I spent some time with family, went to the gym and delivered a blog post on the most recent writer to rip Philadelphia. How'd you spend your time?

It is Super Bowl week, but I'm going to ease into Steelers-Cardinals at a slow pace. Watching Pittsburgh's plane board just doesn't excite me at this point. We'll look at some prop bets later in the week, plus I'll make my pick. And if anyone has anything interesting to say during Media Day, we'll note it.

Anyway, these aren't 10 observations, but here are some NFL thoughts to mull over on this football-less Monday afternoon:

** Great Q&A with Jeffrey Lurie by The Inquirer's Bob Brookover yesterday. I thought his comments about the loss to the Panthers in the NFC championship were especially interesting.

"The Carolina game I didn't think we had a great chance. I thought we had a decent chance. We were in the championship game and it was at home, but we were so banged up, but I didn't feel great about our chances in that game. It was less disappointing to me."

Didn't think they had a great chance? Really? I remember being at that game and feeling pretty confident that they'd finally break through.

** Some strong comments about Lito Sheppard made by Hugh Douglas on WIP yesterday. Douglas said everyone knew Lito was lazy when the Eagles drafted him, and that he hasn't changed one bit. Douglas credited Sheppard for being a playmaker but said he wasn't exactly a hard worker.

** ESPN's John Clayton said this weekend that he wouldn't be surprised if the Cardinals dealt Anquan Boldin. Just saying. [Note: Sometimes this blogging thing is just too easy]

** There's a new story everyday in regards to the LaDainian Tomlinson situation. Last week, he addressed the trade rumors on his Web site. G.M. A.J. Smith then made comments that some perceived to be mocking. Then stories surfaced that Tomlinson could be asked to take a pay cut. And yesterday, Shawne Merriman chimed in, saying the situation should never be dealt with in the public.

** And finally, thoughts and prayers go out to the Ray Didinger and his family. Didinger's father passed away recently at 85 after a fight with cancer.