NAACP pro-Vick rally back on?

When we wrote about this earlier today, we just wanted to point out that the man organizing the pro-Michael Vick rally had ripped Donovan McNabb a few years ago.

Now all of a sudden, this is our third post on the topic. And yes, we're tired of it.

But in the purpose of getting things right, J. Whyatt Mondesire, president of the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP, told the Associated Press this evening that he and other civil rights groups plan on going ahead with their pro-Vick march tomorrow evening.

Just a few hours ago, Mondesire went on the radio and said the chances of him proceeding with the rally were three in 10. He explained that he had talked to the Eagles' management twice, and since there weren't any anti-Vick rallies planned, there really was not any need for the pro-Vick rally.

However, either Mondesire got new information or just changed his mind. He told that the Eagles asked him to cancel the rally to diffuse a potentially "ugly scene."

But it looks like the Eagles were not successful in fanning the flames on this one. And there will likely be many more situations just like this as the season goes on.

Forgive us if we choose to ignore them though on MTC. We've learned our lesson.