NAACP pro-Vick rally and McNabb's Sal Paolantonio is reporting that the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP and other local civil rights groups plan to hold pro-Michael Vick rallies tomorrow at the Linc.

Here's what J. Whyatt Mondesire, president of the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP told Paolantonio:

"We believe Michael Vick has served his time, paid his debt to society and deserves a second chance and the animal rights groups want to hold him hostage for the rest of his life. We think that's patently unfair. It denies Michael Vick's basic civil rights, denies him his ability to make a living."

Now if Mondesire's name sounds familiar, there's a good reason why.

As Bounty Bowl and The 700 Level pointed out immediately on Twitter, he's the guy who wrote a column back in November, 2005, which ripped Donovan McNabb for his reasoning behind not running more.

"In essence Donny, you are mediocre at best," Mondesire wrote at the time. "And trying to disguise that fact behind some concocted reasoning that African American quarterbacks who can scramble and who can run the ball are somehow lesser field generals ... is more insulting off the field than on."

Mondesire said "McNabb doesn't get it" and added that he is "not that good."

So to be clear, the guy who is holding a pro-Vick rally is the same guy who doesn't think McNabb is very good.

Tomorrow is set up to be the strangest Eagles preseason game I can remember.

We'll be live-chatting it all starting at 7 p.m.

And earlier we focused on a non-Vick, on-the-field aspect of the game: the battle at middle linebacker.