More Eagles links: Birds drop in power rankings

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If you missed the earlier post, I'm doing the links differently this week. Several different posts instead of one long one. Here we go... has the Eagles ninth in its power rankings:

The Eagles deserve a little grace for playing without Brian Westbrook, L.J. Smith and Shawn Andrews. They can't afford to lose at home to the Redskins. says Donovan McNabb was the 12th-best quarterback during Week 4:

McNabb showed great velocity on his throws, but was victimized by drops and poor protection. Kevin Curtis can't come back soon enough.'s Vic Carucci has the Eagles seventh in his power rankings:

Let one get away in Chicago … and it doesn't get any easier vs. the Redskins. has the Eagles 12th in its power rankings:

Big drop by the Birds in this week's rankings, which might seem too harsh at first considering this team is Top 5-worthy with a healthy Brian Westbrook. Well right now, the Little Engine is out and without him, the Eagles continue their troubling recent trend of not making the key plays in the fourth quarter of winnable games -- traits that dogged the 8-8 team in 2007.

Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports has the Eagles 14th in his power rankings:

How long can a team be regarded as elite when it keeps losing half its games? has the Eagles seventh in its power rankings.