Monday night picks

We had a great Sunday with Week 1 picks, going 9-4 after getting the Thursday night game wrong last week. Here are the Monday night selections. Don't forget -- there are two tonight.

Vikings at Packers

The beginning of the Aaron Rodgers era. Can you feel the excitement? Plenty of story lines in this one. The Packers filed tampering charges against the Vikings in the offseason during the whole Brett Favre saga.  And Minnesota defensive tackle Pat Williams had this to say about the Packers and the Favre situation in the offseason (from Yahoo Sports):

"I’m glad they got all that darn press, ‘cause when we go down there it’ll be the kid’s first start and his first damn loss."

Should be fun. I think Rodgers has the tools around him to be successful, and he gets off to a good start tonight.

The pick: Green Bay (-2.5)

Broncos at Raiders

This one has some off-the-field juice as well. Mike Shanahan was asked if he still holds ill will towards Raiders owner Al Davis after all these years. His response from The Denver Post:

"No, it doesn't dissipate at all," Shanahan said with a stern stare.

The reporter replied: "So feelings are still the same today as they were the day you became the coach here and first played them?"

"I said it doesn't dissipate at all — that's what that means," Shanahan said.

Somehow I can't get myself to pick an Oakland team that has 19 total wins in the past five years.

The pick: Denver (-3)