Draft buzz; Millen on Sims

Just got back from the Daily News Press Box event at McFadden's. Thanks to those who came out or watched online. I'm hoping we can post some clips online Wednesday.

In the meantime, a lot to get to:

* Former Lions GM Matt Millen, the guy who drafted Ernie Sims, talked about the Eagles' newest linebacker during an interview with Geoff Mosher and Mike Gill on The Sports Bash (97.3 FM).

"Ernie is a very fast guy," Millen said. "He’s a physical guy, but he’s a small guy so he’s gotta be protected. And Schwartzy’s [Lions coach Jim Schwartz] not running that kind of defense."

I remember back when I worked in Baltimore, Ray Lewis complained one offseason about the Ravens' defensive tackles not causing enough disruption to let him run around and make plays. Baltimore took care of that, drafting mammoth defensive tackle Haloti Ngata in the first round.

Essentially, Millen is pointing out the same thing here. Sims will be able to make plays as long as Brodrick Bunkley and Mike Patterson do their jobs well. If those offensive linemen get to the second level, Sims is in trouble.

* I started going through the first round, pick-by-pick, to figure out how things might play out, and I think we're in for a pretty entertaining Thursday night. A lot of guys giving me trouble in terms of deciding where they'll go. Oklahoma offensive tackle Trent Williams, who some think could catch the Redskins' eye at No. 4, but others think will drop. Eric Berry - maybe one of the only blue chippers available, but teams have differing opinions on when to take a safety. Jimmy Clausen is a wild card too. Not to mention Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant.

Bottom line: The first round should be a lot of fun. We'll of course be live chatting the whole thing.

* A lot of thoughts going through my head about the Eagles' pick at No. 24. Really, nothing would surprise me. If they target a guy who's expected to go early, I could see them trading up. If they think they see a cornerback will be available at No. 37 in the second round, I could see them trading out of the first round. And, of course, there's the uneventful scenario of staying at No. 24. If that's the case, a cornerback would be my best guess.

* Wes Bunting of the National Football Post has some good nuggets on Twitter. He says many teams, including the Eagles, are showing interest in our Draft Diary prospect: South Florida WR Carlton Mitchell. Wes says the Eagles like UConn WR Marcus Easley as well.

* Adam Caplan of Sirius Radio and Scout.com was raving about Ole Miss running back Dexter McCluster tonight. Caplan said the Eagles have had him in for a visit.

* Also, I'm told that the Eagles had cornerback David Pender from Purdue in for an official visit. Pender is not considered a top prospect.


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