Mikell impressed with McCoy's blocking

Some quick things I wasn't able to get to earlier this week.

If you're looking for content from Jim Johnson's funeral service, the folks at Eagletarian and Birds' Eye View have you covered.

Also, I'll be at a wedding Saturday and will not be providing updates from Lehigh this weekend. But the talented Mike Potter from philly.com will jump in as the first guest blogger in MTC history. Mike will provide observations from the practice fields with a unique spin only he can provide.

I'll chime in from Philadelphia on Sunday and will be back at camp Monday morning.

On to the notes:

** A continuing story line at Lehigh is LeSean McCoy's progress, and particularly his performance as a blocker. One player who has been impressed with that aspect of McCoy's game is Quintin Mikell.

"He’s pretty good," Mikell said this week. "I don’t know who had the knock on him about that but he’s looked pretty good so far. Once he gets his hands on you he’s pretty tough. He’s gotten me a couple of times and I’ve seen him, he’s doing some good things. It’s different in practice than it is in a game but if he keeps working at it he’s going to be pretty good."

** On the other side of the ball, the spotlight is on Joe Mays, who is getting all the reps as the first-team linebacker in the Eagles' base defense. I caught up with Chris Gocong after Thursday's practice and asked him about how Mays looked this week.

"He's doing well," Gocong said. "It's hard to come in and take that spot. You can know your assignment and all that stuff, but you do have to go in there with authority and kind of command the respect of the guys and just command the defense itself so it's hard to do, but he's doing it."

It should be noted that when Mays was asked about being the middle linebacker on Monday, he said the same thing about having to earn the respect of his teammates.

** On Wednesday, I was leaving Lehigh when I noticed a black pickup truck half pulled over and half blocking my exit. At first I thought, "What the hell is this guy doing?" But as I passed him, I noticed it was Mikell. On his way out, he had stopped to talk to a group of kids. This was long after practice was over, and no cameras or reporters were nearby. I'm not naive enough to think we know these guys after talking to them for 10-15 minutes a day, but Mikell seems just about as genuine as any guy on the team.

** Speaking of Mikell, he's probably been asked 473 times about leadership and his role. If I were him, it would drive me crazy, but he just goes on answering the questions day after day.

** Eagles consultant Andrew Brandt tries to explain on National Football Post why the Jeremy Maclin deal took so long.

** Donovan McNabb took notice of Eli Manning's new contract during an interview on NFL Network Thursday. When asked about his contract "extension" McNabb joked, "It wasn't an extension. It wasn't an extension. It wasn't $97.5 million like Eli. Congratulations Eli."

** Sources tell Mike Klis of the Denver Post that Brian Dawkins has a broken hand, and is expected to miss the next two weeks.

** Rich Gannon thinks McNabb is the second-best quarterback in the NFC East, but the guy ahead of him isn't who you might think. Gannon's got Tony Romo No. 1 and Eli Manning No. 3. Try and figure that one out.