Michael Irvin and reality TV

I've become pretty limited in my interests these days. There is sports. And there is TV.

So when the two worlds mix, I cannot resist.

Which brings us to Michael Irvin's new idea. Irvin, an obvious fan favorite among Eagles fans, is launching a show in which 12 people will get a chance to compete for a spot on the Dallas Cowboys' training camp roster.

Per the Associated Press, the show will have 12 contestants -- six receivers and six defensive backs.

"I don't know if you can walk upon any group of guys that wouldn't say they dreamed of playing in the NFL when they were playing in their front yard," Irvin told the AP. "So we're going to take a group of guys from their front yard, dwindle them to one and give that guy the opportunity of a lifetime."

This is not altogether an innovative idea. I am probably one of the five people in America who tuned in to Knight School, an ESPN series in which 16 players competed for a walk-on spot at Texas Tech to play for Bob Knight.

As for Irvin's show, it will air on Spike TV, and guests like Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Jerry Jones and Deion Sanders are expected to make appearances. If that's not reason enough to watch, I don't know what it is.

"What young man do you know that's not going to read (about this show), then head straight to the gym and say, 'I'm going to get ready,'?" Irvin said.

Well, if you consider me a young man, then I can think of one.

But in all honesty, would it surprise you to see a rabid Eagles fan on the show? You know, hoping to win and get in the head of Tony Romo during training camp? I hope Irvin explores this angle before he makes final casting calls.