McNabb's instant thoughts

Donovan McNabb joined Fox on the field right after the Eagles' 23-11 win over the Giants this afternoon at the Meadowlands.

Here's some of what he had to say:

"You know, our team’s just really been rallying behind each other. Get in that locker room, I mean so much energy in there, we were ready to play earlier this week and I think we won this game today with the great week of practice that we had.”

McNabb went 22-for-40 for 217 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions. He was asked if the regular-season game against the Cardinals, the first after his benching, is where the turnaround started.

"I mean, you know what, I don’t even go back that far because it feels like it was years ago. We’re playing a team that’s obviously playing well at this particularly point but we are too. So it’s going to be a grind and you got two teams putting everything on the line to take that extra step.”

Near the end of the game, McNabb ran out of bounds on the Giants' sideline and picked up the phone, drawing a 15-yard penalty.

"You know what, as a veteran in this league I was having fun. But that’s just something you don’t want to do. You know what, despite that part of it, this is beautiful. The city of Philadelphia now is buzzing. This team is buzzing. We’re looking forward to going back to my part of town now, Arizona. And it’s a little warmer than it is here.

Much more to come.