McNabb too good for Philly?

That's what at least one writer thinks.

Allen Wilson of The Buffalo News wrote a column last week (that we somehow missed here at MTC) in which he said Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb is too good for Philadelphia, and he wishes the Birds would get rid of him.

The Philadelphia Eagles said Monday that quarterback Donovan McNabb will return next season. He has two years left on his contract, so they have no reason to get rid of him. But I wish they would. Philadelphia doesn’t deserve him. Since arriving in the NFL in 1999, McNabb has been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. But I don’t know of any professional athlete who is less appreciated in the city he plays for.

You can click on the above link to read the entire column, but it's mostly commentary you've heard before. The fans booed him when he was drafted. The fans are too hard on him. The city is unforgiving. McNabb was the reason they got to the NFC championship.

You get the picture.

He ends the column:

Word is the 32-year-old McNabb wants his contract reworked into a long-term extension, a stance that has created speculation that Philadelphia may rethink its decision and send him packing. Some Eagles fans would like that. So would I. McNabb has never been treated with enough respect in Philadelphia anyway, so he should leave. He deserves better.

Yesterday, we posted comments from NFL Network's Jamie Dukes, who had a similar stance.