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Would Donovan McNabb really veto a trade to certain teams? (David Maialetti / Staff Photographer)

Update (10 p.m.):

* The Donovan McNabb reports and rumors are getting stranger by the hour. The most recent comes from the Associated Press. A person familiar with the trade talks tells Rob Maaddi that the Eagles would only consider dealing McNabb if they receive a top-42 pick in April's draft. They're not demanding a first-round pick, or a second-round pick. But a top-42 pick?

Seems a bit odd to me. It's worth noting that the Raiders have the seventh pick in the second round (39th overall) and the Bills have the ninth pick in the second round (41st overall).

The thing to keep in mind here is that all sides are going to make demands (especially to the media), but ultimately, they will have to compromise some of those demands if they want to reach an agreement. In other words, it would be ridiculous for the Eagles to demand a top-42 pick and then reject a trade offer for the 43rd pick.

And the same goes for McNabb. He might not prefer to play for a team like the Bills or Raiders, but... well, just read below.


With so much Donovan McNabb stuff floating out there, let's round up some links and offer some opinions about what's going on:

* Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports reports that the Bills and Raiders have inquired about acquiring McNabb. However, a source told Robinson that McNabb would be unlikely to sign a long-term deal with either team. A source also told Jeff McLane of the Inquirer that McNabb would be unwilling to play in Buffalo or Oakland. A source told Les Bowen of the Daily News that those would not be "preferred destinations."

That may be how McNabb feels now, or how people close to him think he feels, but I think it could definitely change. Given everything we know about McNabb and his history here, I can't see him putting up a fight if the price is right. Think about it. Andy Reid goes to him and his agent and says the Eagles want to pull the trigger on a deal that would send him to Oakland. Do you really think he'd say no right away? Do you think he'd rather play for a coach and a franchise that don't want him? I don't see it.

More likely, McNabb would realize that he'll be turning 34 next season. He'd realize that signing a monster deal (possibly the final one of his career) would make more sense than risking the possibility of getting injured and playing out the final year of his contract in Philadelphia. In other words, money rules everything in these cases. If the price is right, McNabb will agree to play anywhere. That's what I think.

* At one point yesterday, it felt like there was no turning back for the Eagles. Given Andy Reid's comments and Donovan McNabb releasing a statement, you just felt like a deal was going to happen one way or another, that the McNabb/Reid era was over. But then I remembered him getting benched in 2008 against the Ravens and having that same feeling. A year and a half later, he's still here. For now, at least.

* While the rumored deal with the Rams does not seem imminent, if the Eagles were able to pry the first pick in the second round and a starting safety, they would have to pull the trigger. They could go offensive lineman, defensive lineman, linebacker or cornerback with two of the first three picks, and really improve personnel in some areas of need.

* Some have questioned whether such a move would make sense for the Rams. I say yes. With Kurt Warner retiring, the NFC West is up for grabs, even for a team that finished 1-15 last season. One of McNabb's greatest strengths is his ability to perform under less than ideal circumstances. In other words, even if the offensive line isn't up to par, or the weapons on the outside aren't great, McNabb has still shown he can put points on the board. Is it that far-fetched to think a Rams team that added McNabb and a defensive playmaker with the first overall pick could sniff .500? I say no.

* Several NFL executives tell Jason La Canfora of that the Raiders are the team in heaviest pursuit of McNabb. Weren't they rumored to be interested in Terrell Owens a couple weeks back? That would be something.

* One non-McNabb note. At the league meetings, Roger Goodell mentioned the possibility of making all Week 17 games division matchups. And doing the same thing with a lot of the Week 16 games. I like the idea. I don't know if it solves the problem of teams sitting their starters in the final weeks because some division leaders will still have playoff positioning locked up. But it should help. And for better or worse, the excitement around Eagles-Cowboys the last two weeks has been great. Thoughts?

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