McNabb partners with IHOP

Last week, we told you that Campbell's Chunky Soup had decided not to use an NFL player in its marketing campaign for the first time in over a decade.

Donovan McNabb had not appeared in a commercial for the company recently, and the announcement confirmed it would stay that way.

But fear not. You'll get your McNabb-commercial fix this season.

Terry Lofton of the SportsBusiness Journal reports that the NFL and IHOP have agreed to a three-month partnership, running from August to October.

McNabb and Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald both shot commercials for the campaign last week in L.A. Per Lofton, McNabb is "sacked by an overzealous IHOP waitress." The ads are scheduled to start running in August.

The campaign will push two football-related items: stuffed french toast and QB scramble.

The announcement brings up an important question: How do we feel about IHOP?

I compare it to Edgerrin James during his time with the Colts. It does several things well, but nothing spectacular.

You'd prefer a great diner over IHOP, but if you eat there, you generally don't leave disappointed. The key to a good breakfast place is to offer some kind of special that combines something from Category A (waffles, french toast, pancakes) and Category B (home fries, eggs, and for you carnivores, either sausage or bacon).

I've had the stuffed french toast and enjoyed it, although I'm anti-fruit topping on everything from Category A. My only other problem is the style of hash browns at IHOP. I prefer the potato/home fry option, not the shredded type. Overall, IHOP ranks better as a 2 a.m. stop than a 10 a.m. stop, but it generally does the trick.

I could probably write 500 more words on breakfast places, diners, IHOP, etc., but we'll move on to some links before you roast me in the comments section.

** In his mailbag,'s John Clayton says Eagles fans have many reasons to be optimistic this season:

The Eagles are built to win now. They have been aggressive in rebuilding the offensive line. They've tried to get some of the best young receivers in the past two drafts. They've taken distractions away from McNabb by locking him up for two years and removing any challenge to his starting job. I'm not saying they are going to the Super Bowl. They will contend this season. They will contend next season. With McNabb and his five trips to the NFC Championship Game, it's been a great era for them.

** Brian Westbrook and David Akers are among the most underrated players of the decade, according to Football Outsiders.

**'s Pete Prisco is continuing his positional rankings. At center, he's got Jamaal Jackson at No. 10:

He's a physical center who sometimes seems to get out of shape. When he's on, he's good. When he's not focused, he has lapses.

And even though it looks like Shawn Andrews will shift to tackle, Prisco has him as the No. 4 guard.

** I wonder if contract news involving a Drew Rosenhaus client will ever be leaked again. It was funny to see the news pop up on Twitter last night in between Chad Ochocinco's posts. Nice job by the Birds, Rosenhaus and McCoy though to make him the first second-rounder signed. All eyes will be on McCoy when camp opens in a few weeks.