McNabb: 'I take full responsibility'

After last week's loss against the Cowboys, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was roasted by some in this city for saying the Birds showed their youth.

Tonight, he took full responsibility for the 34-14 loss.

"We just didn't capitalize on the opportunities today, and I take full responsibility for all of it," McNabb said. "For all the opportunities we had to make plays, I should have made those plays for our team, and I just didn't today."

Later, McNabb was asked about the offensive line.

"Our O-Line did a great job for me," McNabb said. "Again, it goes back to I have to make plays. I put all of it on me. Those guys did a great job."

I'm watching on TV so I couldn't see McNabb's nose growing as he delivered that answer, but it might as well have.

Of course, the focus now shifts to whether McNabb will return next season.

"I've said it ever year. I want to be here, and I don't look to be anywhere else," he said.

But would he like to revisit his contract before coming back?

"Would I like to extend and be here? Yes. Absolutely," McNabb said. "But there are a lot more other things I think we can focus in on right now. If that was to come up, then so be it."

McNabb's contract was reworked, but not extended last offseason. 2010 is the final year of his current deal.