Man Up: Poor showing for Eagles offense

Mike Bell loses control of the ball during the second quarter against the Chiefs. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

Here's a player-by-player look at the Eagles' offensive performance against the Chiefs. I went through the first three-plus quarters when the starters were in.

I did the defensive breakdown on Saturday in case you missed it.

Kevin Kolb - He was shaky, but the truth is (as you'll see below) Kolb's teammates did little to help him out. Kolb was picked off for the first time this preseason on a throw in the third. He was under pressure on the play, but made a bad decision to launch one deep to Jeremy Maclin. Kolb had two other near-interceptions. He was almost picked off on a play-action throw to Maclin in the first. Again, he was under pressure, but probably should have thrown it away. On the play right before the INT, Kolb looked for Avant over the middle and almost turned it over. On one red-zone throw, he let one fly into a crowded area in the end zone, looking for Maclin. Kolb's done that consistently this preseason. One of the four sacks was on him as Kolb held the ball too long on 3rd-and-6. Replays showed he had LeSean McCoy and Riley Cooper open on the right side. The bright spots were the 25-yarder to Maclin in the third and the 10-yard completion over the middle to Maclin. Kolb did a good job avoiding a sack and scrambling for 10 yards on a 3rd-and-7 in the first. He was 5-for-5 for 56 yards on the final drive before the coaches decided to bring Vick in for a play. Vick ran for 3 yards, and then Kolb threw it away on third down as the Eagles settled for a field goal.

Michael Vick- He came in for five plays with the first team and had some bright spots. I've warmed to the idea of using Vick in short yardage situations. He picked up 5 on a 3rd-and-1 in the first. And Vick ran for 8 on a 3rd-and-2 in the third. He also showed good patience and made a good 8-yard throw to Jason Avant in the first. As stated above, I still have concerns about how shuffling Vick in and out will affect the offense as a whole.

LeSean McCoy- The highlight was obviously the 18-yard touchdown run in the first. About 12 of those yards came after first contact, which is a good sign. Overall, McCoy carried five times for 28 yards and had one catch for 8 yards. He took a direct snap for 1 yard in the first. That might be one the Eagles want to delete from the playbook. Tough to figure out what happened on a screen call on 3rd-and-14. It looked like McCoy was supposed to slow down a blitzer before going out as a receiver, but he let the guy go right by him. Kolb was under pressure and had to let go of the pass before he wanted to. It didn't help that a defensive lineman held McCoy either. Timing off all around, or the Eagles could have had a big gain.

Leonard Weaver- Ups and downs for Weaver in this one. His block was key on McCoy's 18-yard touchdown. He also made a nice block on a Vick 5-yard run. Weaver had a couple good short-yardage runs, picking up 5 on a 4th-and-1 and converting on a 2nd-and-2. In blitz pickup, he failed to pick up a linebacker, who sacked Kolb for a loss of 8 in the third. He didn't do a good job on a play-action pass in the first, as a blitzer forced Kolb out of the pocket.

Mike Bell- The good news is he got back on the field. Bell looked a little rusty, but that's to be expected. He carried eight times for 17 yards. Bell actually played more (23 snaps) than McCoy (22 snaps). It's clear that the Eagles are going to expect him to do more than he's used to in this offense, like stay in to block, and make plays as a receiver. Bell was unable to pick up a first down on 3rd-and-2 and came up short on a 3rd-and-1. His best run was probably a 4-yard pickup where Bell was hit behind the line of scrimmage but battled for a positive gain. Overall, he looked like a capable blocker. But there was a 9-yard Kolb sack with less than two minutes left in the first half where it looked like Bell was supposed to pick up the blitzing linebacker before going out into his route.

Winston Justice- The first sack came from a blitzing linebacker who came untouched between Justice and Stacy Andrews. Tough to tell who was supposed to pick him up though. He had a difficult time with Tamba Hali on a play in the first half where Kolb was forced to step up and scramble. And it looked like Justice got beat inside on the Kolb interception, although there was all kinds of confusion on the right side of the line on that play. Justice did a good job on the 5-yard Weaver run and was otherwise fine in pass protection.

Stacy Andrews- As seems to be the case every week, Andrews had ups and downs. He did a good job on the McCoy touchdown run and the 5-yard Weaver carry on 4th-and-1. Andrews did not get the job done on a 4-yard McCoy run in the first, and he whiffed on a linebacker on a short Weaver carry.

Mike McGlynn- As I've stated in the past, center is probably the most difficult position to evaluate off TV. He did a good job on the McCoy 18-yard TD run as the hole opened up between McGlynn and Herremans.

A.Q. Shipley- He got in briefly at the end of the first half when McGlynn was sidelined.

Todd Herremans- His first game back, and Herremans was easily the Eagles' best offensive lineman. He had a good initial block on the McCoy TD run, and then probably got away with a bit of a hold. Herremans got the job done when the Eagles ran behind him. They had success there on a 5-yard Weaver carry, a 4-yard McCoy run and a 5-yard Vick run. He was fine in pass protection also.

Max Jean-Gilles- He played the third quarter at left guard in place of Herremans. Looked like he did a very nice job in pass protection on a 2nd-and-11 Kolb throw. I would not be surprised at all if he rotated in and out with Andrews in Week 1. But a lot still to be decided there.

Jason Peters- Two false start penalties. And both came on third down. That puts the offense in a tough spot. The Eagles had a 3rd-and-10 in the red zone when Peters was called for his first penalty. The second was when they were already facing a 3rd-and-13. As I said last week, Peters' reasoning that it's only the preseason would hold more weight had he not led the team with 11 penalties in 2009. In terms of protection, Peters had trouble with Hali on a couple different occasions. Kolb was forced to scramble on both plays. On the Vick 5-yard run in the first, Peters slid over and lined up outside Justice at right tackle.

Brent Celek- Not a good performance by Celek. He had some lapses as a blocker in the run game. Celek didn't get the job done on a 3rd-and-2 Bell carry and a 3rd-and-1 Bell carry. He completely missed his block on a McCoy 3-yard run. Celek was part of the failed protection on the right side on the Kolb interception. He was on the field for 47 plays, and Kolb only threw his way once - a 19-yard reception. That didn't come until the 44th offensive play from scrimmage. It's only the preseason, but Celek's had a quiet two catches for 33 yards the past two weeks.

Clay Harbor- He was on the field for eight plays. Harbor's two catches for 20 yards came in the fourth quarter.

DeSean Jackson- He caught the bubble screen from Kolb on the first play, took a hit from Eric Berry and was sidelined.

Jeremy Maclin- He was targeted 11 times by Kolb but came away with only three catches for 39 yards. Maclin had the opportunity for a big game, but had three drops, including one that could have been a 40-yard gain. Not much of an effort as a blocker on McCoy's touchdown run. The bright spot was a 25-yard grab in the third.

Jason Avant- He had three catches for 26 yards. Avant got just enough of the defensive back to allow McCoy to get in the end zone on the TD run. On an 8-yard completion to McCoy in the first, Avant came in motion and did a very good job chipping on a defensive end before going out into his route. He had an 11-yard grab for a first down in the third. Avant played mostly on the outside since Jackson was sidelined.

Hank Baskett- Last week, he came in for Maclin with the starters. This week, Baskett played just seven snaps with the first team. I wouldn't read too much into it though. The coaches know what they have with him.

Kelley Washington- He played 18 snaps with the first team as the coaches likely wanted to get a good look at what he can do. Washington played mostly in the slot and had one grab for 7 yards with the starters. He added a 22-yard catch in the fourth.

Riley Cooper- He obviously had the big fourth quarter with the reserves. Cooper played five snaps with the starters but did not have a catch. It looked like Kolb missed him on the one play where he was sacked.

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