Man Up: Celek, Peters and the O-line

Brent Celek caught a 56-yard touchdown on Sunday that was called back because of a holding penalty. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

Here's the player-by-player breakdown of the Eagles' offensive performance against the Colts on Sunday.

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Michael Vick- I'll get to the complete breakdown in Wednesday's piece, but there were ups and downs for Vick in this one. In his fourth start of the season, Vick relied on his legs more against the Colts than in any other previous game. While I thought he took off a few times before he really needed to, Vick produced big-time results with his legs, finishing with 10 carries for 74 yards. He picked up 24 yards on a 3rd-and-9, and the biggest play of the game might have been his 32-yard pickup on 3rd-and-4 in the second half. As a passer, Vick completed 17 of 29 for 218 yards and a touchdown. He made a perfect throw on the touchdown to DeSean Jackson, and Vick's 58-yard bomb to Jackson was a thing of beauty. Vick still has not been picked off this season, but he had several close calls against the Colts.

LeSean McCoy- He finished with 16 carries for 95 yards, including the big run to start the game. On that 62-yard carry, it was a great individual effort. If you watch the replay, the offensive line didn't do much at all. I'm still not sure how McCoy was caught from behind by a linebacker, though. Later in the game, he converted a pair of 2nd-and-1 chances into first downs. And McCoy did a good job of picking up a blitzer on Vick's 32-yard run. He wasn't a factor in the passing game. The Eagles twice tried to set up screens to McCoy, but neither worked.

Owen Schmitt- He gets my vote for under-the-radar contributor in this one. Schmitt turned in one of his best performances of the season, doing the little things required of the fullback position. He had a decent lead block on Dwight Freeney on McCoy's 62-yard run. He had a good chip on Robert Mathis on the 58-yard completion to Jackson. Schmitt threw a nice lead block on a 5-yard Jerome Harrison run in the first and a 3-yard McCoy carry on 2nd-and-1 in the third. He delivered a good block on Mathis, giving Vick time to complete a 22-yarder to Maclin in the third. And Schmitt blocked Freeney on Vick's rollout throw to Jason Avant that set up the fourth-quarter touchdown.

Jerome Harrison- He was active for the first time and on the field for four snaps. Harrison got the ball twice, and had a good-looking 5-yard run in the first. He did a decent job chipping Freeney on a second-quarter Vick throw.

Eldra Buckley- Buckley even got in the mix for three snaps. Didn't touch the ball though.

Brent Celek- Celek went without a catch and just can't get going this season. The official stats have him down for one target, but he actually had more chances. Vick was looking for him in the end zone on the Birds' second drive, but the pass was tipped and nearly picked off. On the Eagles' third drive, Vick rolled to his left and was looking for Celek back on the right side, but he was hit at the line of scrimmage and then covered. The Birds have had success on that play previously this season, but the Colts were ready for it. On a second-quarter pass from Vick, Celek was leveled and couldn't hold on. And he had a 56-yard touchdown called back because of a Winston Justice holding penalty. It seems to be something different that goes wrong for Celek every week.

Garrett Mills- Not much to report, but he was on the field for nine snaps.

DeSean Jackson- He wasted no time getting back to his usual tricks. In Jackson's first action since Week 6, he caught a 9-yard touchdown on the Eagles' third offensive play from scrimmage. Jackson later hauled in a 58-yard reception in the first quarter and also had an 18-yard grab. Overall, seven catches (on eight targets) for 109 yards. The two runs at the end of the game worked to perfection. Jackson came in motion from the right side twice and picked up gains of 11 and 6 with less than two minutes left in the game. That allowed the offense to say on the field, keeping Peyton Manning on the sideline.

Jeremy Maclin- Maclin was not targeted until there were less than two minutes left in the first half. Vick targeted him on his first four attempts of the second half, and Maclin's first catch came with 13:27 left in the third quarter. He had a big 22-yard reception when the Eagles faced a 2nd-and-26 in the third. Maclin finished with four catches for 48 yards.

Jason Avant- He had a 34-yard grab on 3rd-and-7 in the second. And Avant's 7-yard grab set up the Eagles' lone second-half touchdown.

Riley Cooper- No targets, no catches, but he was on the field for 10 snaps.

Winston Justice- I think Justice would probably admit that this was his worst game of the season. He had trouble with Robert Mathis all day. Mathis beat him on a third-down throw in the red zone in the first quarter; he went by Justice on a designed rollout in the second, forcing Vick to take off and run; and he went around Justice with a spin move on a third down in the third. He was also beat by Keyunta Dawson on the play where Vick took off and ran for 32 yards. Justice was called for a holding penalty on what would have been a 56-yard touchdown to Celek. And he was called for a false start in the fourth, turning 3rd-and-4 into 3rd-and-9.

Max Jean-Gilles- He left the game in the second quarter after suffering a concussion. Jean-Gilles did a poor job on the 1-yard Harrison carry in the first. And he got beat on a third-down Vick throw in the red zone in the first quarter. Jean-Gilles had some good moments. He did a nice job on a McCoy 4-yard carry in the first and again on Harrison's 5-yard run.

Nick Cole- He entered the game in the second quarter after Jean-Gilles suffered a concussion. Cole gave up a sack to Eric Foster during the Eagles' final drive in the first half. Foster beat him with a spin move on the very next play, but Vick escaped the pocket. Foster went right by Cole and Mike McGlynn in the third, forcing Vick to take off and throw the ball away. In the run game, he was plowed over by Dan Muir on a run in the third that resulted in a 5-yard loss. Cole had a few bright spots. He did a nice job on Mathis, who twisted inside, on Vick's 34-yard throw to Avant in the second. And Cole did an excellent job of pulling on the McCoy 9-yard run in the third, and again on a McCoy 6-yard gain. He was called for a false start on Eagles' final drive, turning 3rd-and-2 into 3rd-and-7. The Eagles tried to argue that a Colts defender baited him.

Mike McGlynn- He was really the only offensive lineman who hit anyone on McCoy's 62-yard run. It wasn't a key block, but McGlynn did a decent job on the opposing lineman, and then took out a Colts DB. He did a good job on a few other run plays: a McCoy 4-yard carry in the first, Harrison's 5-yard run and a 9-yard McCoy run in the third. McGlynn had trouble with the DT on a 1-yard McCoy run in the second. And as I mentioned above, Foster went right by him and Cole in the third, forcing Vick to take off and throw the ball away.

Todd Herremans- He was solid overall. Herremans did a good job of picking up Freeney on a twist in the third as Vick found Jackson for 11 yards. He got to the second level on McCoy's 9-yard run in the third and did a nice job of pulling on McCoy's 6-yard run in the fourth.

Jason Peters- Dwight Freeney was invisible on Sunday. The only time the Colts' defensive end got his hands on Vick was when Vick escaped the pocket and tried to run in the second quarter. Freeney finished with two tackles, no sacks and no QB hits. So how much help did Peters get? By my count, he was asked to block Freeney (or whoever happened to be lined up at defensive end) one-on-one 13 times. And Peters came through on those plays, keeping Freeney away from Vick. The Eagles did give him some help on the other plays - chipping with tight ends and running backs, rolling Vick out, etc. And multuple times, Freeney twisted inside, becoming someone else's responsibility. But overall, it was a very encouraging performance from Peters, even though he was called for the one false start penalty.

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