Man Up: Harrison provides boost to run game

Eagles RB Jerome Harrison is greeted by LeSean McCoy after Harrison's TD run. (Ron Cortes / Staff Photographer)

Here's the player-by-player look at the Eagles' offensive performance against the Redskins:

Michael Vick- I'll have the Mike Check piece tomorrow, but obviously Vick played great. He completed 20 of 28 passes for 333 yards and four touchdowns. Vick also carried eight times for 80 yards and a pair of scores. The 88-yard touchdown to Jackson could not have been thrown any better. On the 7-yard touchdown run in the second, it looked like the Redskins had a defender spying Vick, but he just beat him to the end zone. He showed good patience on the shovel pass to LeSean McCoy, waiting for the defensive end to commit to him before letting go of the ball. Vick just looks comfortable. He knows where he wants to go with the ball, and he knows when he should tuck it and run. Vick's accuracy has been the most surprising aspect of this run. He rarely misses a throw. In fact, the Eagles had at least three balls that could have been caught so Vick's completion percentage could have been even higher. The camera caught Redskins defenders hanging their heads and looking frustrated on several occasions. And I know fans enjoyed seeing him grab Jorrick Calvin after the rookie fumbled a kickoff on the second half. There's no doubt that Vick's teammates believe in him. 

LeSean McCoy- He finished with 94 total yards - 43 rushing yards on 11 carries and 51 receiving yards on five catches. McCoy picked up 27 yards on a screen in the first. He was holding the ball pretty carelessly though, out away from his body. He scored on the shovel pass from 11 yards out in the first. As a blocker, McCoy did a nice job to pick up a blitzer on the 48-yard bomb to Jeremy Maclin.

Jerome Harrison- He was active for the second straight game and on the field for 16 plays. Harrison made the most of his opportunity, carrying 11 times for 109 yards and a touchdown. He broke a couple tackles on the 50-yard score and also had nice gains of 26, 14 and 9 laer in the game. Harrison once lined up out wide and caught a 15-yard pass. He showed flashes of being a nice complementary option to McCoy.

Owen Schmitt- Schmitt did the little things as usual. He delovered a good enough block on Brian Orakpo on Harrison's 50-yard TD run. Schmitt met LaRon Landry head-on in the backfield, helping to spring Harrison on his 36-yard run in the third. He had one catch for 6 yards, converting a 3rd-and-4 in the third.

Eldra Buckley- He was on the field for seven snaps, carrying five times for 13 yards in the fourth. Buckley also delivered a good block on a pass rusher on Vick's 6-yard completion to Schmitt that picked up a first down.

DeSean Jackson- He burned the Redskins' defense for an 88-yard touchdown to start the game. Jackson and Landry were even at the 45 yard line. With the ball in the air, Jackson turned on the jets and accelerated for the next 10 yards or so for the score. He actually had only three touches and was targeted just three times. Jackson lined up in the backfield and took a direct snap 5 yards in the first. He dropped a pass from Vick near the sideline in the third.

Jeremy Maclin- He finished with four catches for 79 yards and a score. Nice catch by Maclin on the 48-yard touchdown in the second. He also had a 26-yard grab on a 3rd-and-5 in the third. Maclin did a decent job of downfield blocking on McCoy's 27-yard screen. On one play in the first, he stayed in to block on the line as Vick rolled out to his left and hit Jason Avant.

Jason Avant- He had his best game of the season with five catches for 76 yards and a touchdown. Avant had a 15-yard grab in the first; an 11-yard gain on 3rd-and-5 in the red zone in the first; a 27-yard catch in the second; a 20-yard grab in the third; and the 3-yard TD in the third. Also, did you notice where he lined up on the McCoy shovel pass? Avant started out in the backfield with McCoy and Schmitt before motioning to the left. He's averaging nearly 60 yards per game in his last four.

Riley Cooper- He was on the field for 10 plays, and Vick looked for him once - in the end zone in the second quarter. It was incomplete.

Brent Celek- He continues to be quiet as a receiver. Celek had two catches for 8 yards. He absorbed a blow and couldn't hang on for what would have been at least a 25-yard gain in the third. Celek had good moments as a blocker. He hustled to slow down London Fletcher on Harrison's 50-yard run and blocked a defensive lineman to make room for Harrison on the 26-yard gain.

Clay Harbor- He was active for the first time since Week 1 as the Eagles' second tight end and played 13 snaps. Harbor did a good job of blocking Orakpo, giving Vick time to find Jackson on the 88-yard bomb. It looked like he did a decent job on the McCoy 9-yard run in the second also. Harbor lined up in the slot once in the second, but did not get a ball thrown his way.

Winston Justice- The Colts game was a rough one for Justice, but he bounced back nicely, delivering one of his better performances of the season. In the run game, Justice did a nice job on the 5-yard Jackson run, the 26-yard Harrison run and the 6-yard Harrison run. He also showed good athleticism, pulling on the 5-yard McCoy run in the third. In protection, Justice did a good job with a one-on-one block on the 48-yard Maclin TD. He blocked Orakpo one-on-one, giving Vick time to find Avant on the 3-yard TD. Justice was beat by Andre Carter for a sack in the second, but it was hardly all his fault as the pocket collapsed and Vick tried to step up.

Nick Cole- I thought he had more ups than downs in this one. There were times where he looked really good, and other instances where he was prone to mistakes, like when Cole was called for a false start in the red zone in the first quarter. A defensive lineman got by him and Mike McGlynn on the 48-yard bomb to Maclin. But Cole took out Fletcher on the McCoy shovel pass. And he and McGlynn executed a great double team of Albert Haynesworth on the 27-yard completion to Avant. Cole pulled and knocked down Haynesworth on a 5-yard McCoy run in the second. And he did a good job on a McCoy 4-yard run in the third. It'll be interesting to see if he continues to start over Max Jean-Gilles at right guard.

Max Jean-Gilles- He replaced Cole at right guard in the fourth quarter, as Cole slid over to left guard and Todd Herremans got a breather. Jean-Gilles did a good job on Harrison's 14-yard run in the fourth and Harrison's 6-yard run.

Mike McGlynn- He really competed well against Haynesworth and the Redskins' other interior linemen. McGlynn did a decent job on Haynesworth on the McCoy shovel pass. He helped out Herremans with Haynesworth, knocking him to the ground on a third down in the second. And McGlynn and Cole double-teamed Haynesworth to give Vick time to find Avant for 27 yards in the second. McGlynn also did a good job on the Harrison 14-yard carry in the fourth.

Todd Herremans- Early on, I noticed Fletcher give Herremans a smack on his helmet after a play. Herremans got his revenge shortly after, blocking Fletcher to the ground on the McCoy 27-yard screen. Herremans had trouble with Haynesworth on a couple pass plays, but overall was fine. He's been the Eagles' most consistent offensive lineman.

Jason Peters- Peters did a lot of good things. He slowed down Landry on the McCoy shovel pass. He did a decent job on the 50-yard Harrison run. He handled his man with ease on the 48-yard bomb to Maclin; provided good protection on the 27-yard Avant completion; blocked Orakpo one-on-one on the 20-yard gain to Avant; and handled Haynesworth one-on-one as Vick ran for a first down in the third. Peters also blocked his man one-on-one, allowing Vick to find Avant on the 3-yard touchdown. There were a couple plays where he got beat, but overall a very strong performance.

Austin Howard - He got in the game late in the fourth quarter.

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