Man Up: Dunlap, McGlynn and Maclin

Eagles tight end Brent Celek could have had an even bigger game on Sunday. (David Maialetti / Staff Photographer)

Here's the player-by-player breakdown of the Eagles' offensive performance after having re-watched the game.

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Kevin Kolb-
I'll post What About Kolb? on Wednesday with a full breakdown, but some quick comments here. I thought it was imperative for him to get off to a good start, and he did, completing his first nine attempts. He got the ball downfield with four completions of 20 yards or more, including the 32-yarder to Brent Celek early. The touchdown pass was very impressive. Kolb fought off pressure, kept his eyes on potential targets and squeezed a throw in to Celek for the score. The second-half woes cannot be pinned all on Kolb. There was a missed field goal, the puzzling Eldra Buckley call on 3rd-and-1 and a couple passes that Brent Celek was unable to make.

LeSean McCoy-
I wrote about him at length after the game. McCoy makes people miss almost every time he touches the ball. He's showing great vision and patience. McCoy did a good job helping to block a defensive back on the 41-yard throw to Jeremy Maclin and had a good blitz pickup on a different deep attempt to Maclin. Was he flawless? No. McCoy fumbled for the second straight game, and he made a mistake going down when he had a chance to pick up a first down with under two minutes left. But he's taken a huge leap in his second season and become one of the most valuable players on this team.

Owen Schmitt-
He played quite a bit (40 percent of the plays). Schmitt made a big block on McCoy's 8-yard run in the first quarter. He did a good job picking up a defender on Kolb's 9-yard throw to Maclin for a first down in the second. Schmitt had two catches for 19 yards. Good job by Howie Roseman and company to find a capable fill-in for Leonard Weaver.

Mike Bell-
He was on the field for seven plays. Same ole story with Bell. Four carries for 8 yards. On one, he was lined up as a fullback.

Eldra Buckley-
Was Mike McGlynn's snap high on the Wildcat play to Buckley? Yes. But I can't wrap my head around how he could have been the best option on that 3rd-and-1 play. It's the only time all game Buckley was on the field.

Winston Justice-
Justice had a decent game. He held up for the most part in pass protection, and most of the runs started up the middle or to the left side.

Max Jean-Gilles-
Jean-Gilles had ups and downs, and I think that's what you can expect from him. He did a good job in one-on-one pass protection on Kolb's 13-yard pass to Maclin. He did not do a very good job on a McCoy 5-yard run in the second or a McCoy 1-yard run in the second. On the play where Kolb fumbled, Jean-Gilles got driven back as the pocket collapsed. He did an OK job getting to the second level on a 6-yard McCoy carry in the third and did a good job on a 5-yard McCoy run in the third.

Mike McGlynn-
Center is probably the most difficult position to evaluate off TV, but I thought McGlynn had his best game of the season by far. He did a nice job on McCoy's 29-yard touchdown run. He stood out on a McCoy 5-yard run in the third and a 3-yard Bell carry. McGlynn had an outstanding one-on-one block on nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin as McCoy carried for 6 yards in the third. And he showed good athleticism, getting out in front of a McCoy screen in the first. The snap to Buckley was not good, but overall, this was a very encouraging performance from McGlynn.

Todd Herremans-
Aside from penalties, Herremans had a very strong game. Nice job on Patrick Willis on a McCoy 3-yard run in the second. He also did a good job on the following plays: a 5-yard McCoy carry in the second, a 14-yard McCoy run, a 3-yard McCoy run, a 14-yard McCoy run, the 29-yard McCoy TD run, a 5-yard McCoy run in the third and a 6-yard McCoy run in the third. The Eagles had a lot of success running the ball, and Herremans was a huge part of that effort. He was good in protection too and came up with the big fumble recovery that could have been a game-changer in the fourth. Herremans was called for two penalties - a holding and a false start. But as a blocker, he had probably his best game of the season.

Jason Peters-
He was sidelined after eight plays. Despite his flaws, there's a big dropoff when Peters is out.

King Dunlap-
It was a rough go for Dunlap. He was beat by Justin Smith for a sack in the second and had trouble with Smith on a Kolb incompletion intended for Jackson. Dunlap was beat by Manny Lawson for a sack and forced fumble at the end of the first half. And Travis LaBoy beat him for a sack in the third. In the run game, he did not do a good job on a 3-yard McCoy run in the second. Dunlap did a decent job on a McCoy 5-yard run in the second. He did a better job in pass protection in the second half, although the Eagles gave him some help. I'm not sure the Eagles will go with him next week if Peters can't play. If they do, they'll have to give him a lot of help on the left side.

Brent Celek-
He had a big 32-yard reception on the first drive. The touchdown was a strange play. Celek was in as a blocker and got beat by Lawson. Kolb escaped the pocket, and Celek did a good job to not give up on the play. He showed good strength to make the catch at the 2 and drag a defensive back into the end zone with him. Celek had chances for a couple big plays in the second half, but he couldn't make them. The one on 3rd-and-5 in the fourth is one he should make if he wants to be considered a Pro Bowl caliber player.

Garrett Mills-
He played just eight snaps and didn't do much. Mills lined up out wide as a receiver on one play in the third quarter.

DeSean Jackson-
Second straight quiet game for Jackson. He was not targeted on a pass until the Eagles' 19th play from scrimmage. He did a good job in the Wildcat, picking up 8 yards on a 3rd-and-3 in the first quarter. Jackson had a 20-yard grab in the second. Overall, three targets, two catches and 24 yards.

Jeremy Maclin-
He had probably his best game of the year. A couple good catches on low throws - a 5-yarder in the first and a 22-yarder in the fourth. Maclin also hauled in a 41-yard reception in the third, making a nice adjustment on the ball. Five of his six catches went for first downs. Six catches for 95 yards overall. 

Jason Avant-
Only targeted twice and caught both of them for 13 yards. Avant had an 8-yard grab for a first down in the red zone on the first drive.

Chad Hall-
He was on the field for nine plays and hauled in his first career catch - a 9-yard reception for a first down on 3rd-and-2 in the third quarter.