Man Up: Abysmal day for Eagles' offense

The Eagles' offense looked terrible Sunday against the Raiders in their 13-9 loss. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Time for our weekly player-by-player look at the Eagles' offense. We'll do the 'D' tomorrow.

Brian Westbrook – He was one of the only bright spots for the Birds on Sunday. Westbrook was Donovan McNabb's safety valve for much of the day, catching nine passes for 91 yards. He added 50 yards on six carries. Westbrook showed some burst on a 22-yard screen in the first quarter, and 18- and 34-yard gains in the second. He put together back-to-back runs of 25 and 9 in the third.

LeSean McCoy – Every week on Man Up, I say he needs to protect the ball better. McCoy fumbled in the first quarter, but the Raiders recovered. He did a nice job cutting down a blitzing linebacker in first quarter on an 8-yard pass to Brent Celek. It looked like he misread his blocking assignment on third down in the second quarter as Raiders linebacker Thomas Howard came untouched off the blind side to nail McNabb. McCoy had five carries for 13 yards, the highlight being a nice cutback run for a gain of 8 in the second.

Leonard Weaver – Quiet day from Weaver. He completely whiffed on a block in the second quarter, forcing McCoy to cut back. He had two catches for 3 yards.

Donovan McNabb – After re-watching the game, he wasn't as bad as I initially thought. McNabb made a good, but not great, throw to DeSean Jackson for a 51-yard gain in the first quarter. Had he hit Jackson in stride and not forced him to dive, it would have been a touchdown. McNabb showed good strength avoiding a sack and dumping it off to Westbrook for 34 yards on a third down in the second quarter. It's extremely troublesome that he didn’t know the situation and called timeout with 27 seconds left in the half even though the Eagles had none left. In the second half, he had two chances for big plays to Jeremy Maclin but could not fit the ball into the small window between the cornerback and safety. McNabb also threw at Weaver’s feet in the fourth. His best throws was a 42-yarder to Celek over the middle.

Michael Vick – He barely got in the book. Vick lost 4 yards on a handoff in first quarter. He didn’t really have a chance on the play as Howard was all over him as soon as he got the ball. As I mentioned Sunday, this would have seemed like the right time to get Vick more involved since the regular offense was struggling. If the coaches felt he could provide a spark, that is.

Winston Justice – He was easily the Eagles' best offensive lineman Sunday. Justice was solid in pass protection throughout. When watching the game live, it may have looked like he gave up a sack in the fourth quarter, but it was Justice against two blitzing linebackers. He had no chance. Bad play call and play design to run a slow-developing play-action pass on 3rd-and 7 with the way the Raiders had been pressuring McNabb. Justice did a bad job on a run play to McCoy to the outside in the third quarter.

Max Jean-Gilles – Easily his worst performance of the year. Jean-Gilles probably struggled as much as any starting Eagles offensive lineman all year. He was confused by a Raiders stunt where Trevor Scott came back inside from the DE position to sack McNabb in the first quarter. Jean-Gilles was beat badly by Tommy Kelly in pass protection in the first. He had a rough time with Kelly on a loss for Westbrook in the first and struggled on a run play to the outside to McCoy in the fourth. The bright spots were blocks on a 9-yard Westbrook run in third quarter and a 22-yard Westbrook screen in the first.

Stacy Andrews – He replaced Jean-Gilles for a drive in the first quarter after MJG gave up a sack. But what does it say that he didn't get on the field a lot despite Jean-Gilles' struggles? Did the off the field news of last week play a factor in the coaches' decision? Andrews did a poor job as a run blocker on 2-yard gain by Westbrook.

Jamaal Jackson – Jackson struggled quite a bit as well. He did a poor job in run blocking during a 3-yard McCoy carry in the first, getting beat by linebacker Kirk Morrison. Jackson was overpowered by DT Gerard Warren during a first quarter passing play, which would have been a sack had McNabb not been able to shovel the ball to Westbrook. He did give a nice effort on Westbrook’s 22-yard screen in first quarter.

Nick Cole – He was schooled by Richard Seymour on a near-sack in the second quarter. Cole gave up a sack to Seymour at the end of the first half. Not one of his better performances although he did do a nice job on a 9-yard Westbrook run in third quarter.

Jason Peters - Not much to say. He got injured early. It sounds like he'll be OK, which is good news. Peters was solid through the first four games.

King Dunlap - Seymour went right through him to sack McNabb in the second quarter. It was clear in the second half that the coaching staff decided it had to give him a ton of help. Brent Celek lined up next to him at times, running backs chipped, and Justice even moved over to his outside on one play. When the Eagles had to leave Dunlap alone on the final drive, he was completely overmatched by Seymour and company.

Brent Celek – He lined up as a blocker against defensive lineman Trevor Scott during the first drive and did not do a goodjob, allowing the sack. Although you have to wonder if that's a fair position to put Celek in. We saw him do a good job a week ago blocking defensive linemen one on one. Celek did do his part in protection, picking up Tommy Kelly during a 51-yard bomb to DeSean Jackson. On the receiving end, he had four catches for 75 yards, including a 42-yard gain in the fourth where he beat a Raiders linebacker. Celek did drop a pass in the second quarter.

Alex Smith – McNabb looked to him in the flat, but he dropped the pass in the first quarter. Smith gave a nice effort on a block during McCoy’s 8-yard run in the first half.

DeSean Jackson – He made a great catch on the 51-yard reception in the first quarter. He also did a good job on a low throw in the second to pick up 11. With time winding down in the first half, Jackson was able to keep his feet in bounds for a first down. And during the Eagles’ last drive, Jackson did a great job to get a first down and get out of bounds for a 12-yard gain. Overall, six catches for 94 yards.

Jeremy Maclin – He had just one catch for 6 yards after a monster game last week against the Bucs. Maclin had a couple chances for big plays, but McNabb couldn't squeeze the ball into a tight window.