Man Up: Cole, Landri and the D-line

Derek Landri stops running back Ray Rice during the first quarter. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Here's the first Man Up of the year. If you're new to MTC, this is the player-by-player breakdown after having re-watched the game.

Today is the defense, and I'll post the offense on Saturday.

For preseason, I got to most of the players, but admittedly slowed down in the fourth quarter, so everyone is not included:

Juqua Parker - He started at left defensive end. Parker and Trent Cole provided edge pressure, forcing Joe Flacco to step up on the Ravens' first offensive play and get nailed by Cullen Jenkins.

Anthony Hargrove - He started at left defensive tackle. Hargrove and Jenkins combined to stop Ray Rice after a gain of 2. Hargrove also tripped up Rice on a 4-yard run. I've liked his energy since the first day he stepped on the field at Lehigh.

Cullen Jenkins - It didn't take long for him to show what he can do as a pass rusher. Jenkins started at right defensive tackle and nailed Flacco on the first play from scrimmage. He and Hargrove combined to stop Rice on a 2-yard carry. Expecting big things from him this season.

Trent Cole - He played more than any other Eagles defensive lineman last year and will see reduced snaps in Jim Washburn's system. But that could help Cole, who goes all out on every play. He got good pressure off the edge on the first play. Cole stuffed Rice after a 1-yard carry. And he also sacked Flacco.

Jason Babin - He started off with the second-team defensive line, but then replaced Parker. Babin chased Flacco on a play-action pass and forced him to throw the ball away. Babin's pressure helped lead to Cole’s sack.

Derek Landri - He might have been the biggest surprise on defense. Several good moments for Landri, who started 16 games for the Panthers last year. He swarmed on one run play where the Eagles dropped Rice for a 6-yard loss. Landri later used a spin move to force Flacco to throw it away. His pressure caused Tyrod Taylor to scramble in the second. One great hustle moment for Landri: He pressured Taylor at the Ravens' 16, but the Baltimore quarterback scrambled and took off. Landri chased him downfield and dove at Taylor's feet at the 32. Great effort from the defensive tackle there. He also picked up a sack in the third when Daniel Te'o-Nesheim forced Taylor to step up.

Antonio Dixon - He didn't play much, but got in with the second group of linemen. By the way, if you're wondering how the rotation is going to work, Darryl Tapp told me not to expect linemen to stay on the field for more than 4-5 snaps at a time.

Darryl Tapp - Speaking of Tapp, he was excellent. He got into the backfield as the Eagles dropped Rice for a 6-yard loss. Tapp's first sack was against Ravens starting left tackle Michael Oher. He later went right around Oneil Cousins for a second sack in the second quarter. I really liked how Tapp ended last season. He could be a nice contributor in 2011.

Daniel Te’o-Nesheim - He lined up at right defensive end and had some nice moments. Te'o-Nesheim made a nice play against the run. He had good pressure in the third that led to the Landri sack. Te'o-Nesheim's sack in the fourth came on a six-man rush.

Cedric Thornton - Didn't notice him much. At one point, Thornton was called for illegal use of the hands. He seems like a longshot to make the roster at this point.

Phillip Hunt - He used power, not speed, to push back the right tackle and force Taylor out of the pocket on a second-quarter play. Later, Hunt used a speed move off the edge, but hit Taylor late for a personal foul penalty. He went unblocked as the Eagles sent seven on the third-quarter interception by Jarrad Page. Hunt made a nice inside move in the fourth to force Taylor out of the pocket. And he sacked Taylor in the fourth, rushing from the RDE position. It might take some time, but Washburn likely could maximize Hunt's talent if he sticks around.

Marlon Favorite - Didn't think I'd be writing about him, but Favorite had some nice moments too. He made a good play against the run at the end of the first half, dropping the Ravens' ballcarrier after a 3-yard gain. Favorite was in on a 1-yard stop in the third. He got good pressure up the middle on the Hunt sack in the fourth. And I enjoyed his celebration. Favorite rubbed his belly as if to signal Mmm... sack...that was tasty.

Chris Wilson - He lined up at right defensive end and left defensive end. Wilson was called for a face-mask on a run play in the third. He could have been called for a late hit on the Colt Anderson near-INT in the fourth. Wilson had some good moments, forcing Taylor out of the pocket in the fourth.

Casey Matthews - Tough to judge him based on the small amount of plays. Against the run, the Eagles defensive line did a great job, but you could see that Matthews will have to work on getting around offensive linemen and shedding blocks. In coverage, he did a good job on the tight end on Cole’s sack.

Jamar Chaney - He got taken out on the run play where Cole stuffed Rice. There was obvious confusion on the 21-yard pass and run to Rice. Not sure if it was Chaney’s fault, but it might have been. I'm still not ready to rule out him being moved back to the middle.

Keenan Clayton - He looks like he could be a real asset in coverage. Clayton did a good job chasing down the tight end and making the tackle after a 6-yard completion. The Eagles blitzed him and Brian Rolle on the second Tapp sack. Clayton seems like a better game player than practice player.

Greg Lloyd - He was the backup middle linebacker and had some nice moments against the run. Lloyd came up and made a nice play on a 2-yard carry in the second. He assisted Te’o-Nesheim on a run stop in the third.

Brian Rolle - He made a nice tackle on the tight end after a 2-yard gain. Rolle played nickel LB with Clayton. He was slow to pick up the tight end in the third. And Rolle got blocked on a 15-yard run. He blitzed effectively on the final play of the game. Overall, seemed to be around the ball quite a bit.

Rashad Jeanty - He played SAM in the third quarter and did a good job in coverage after a short completion to the running back.

Asante Samuel - He was your starting left cornerback. Samuel still played off the wide receiver on his side. The Ravens went with a few 1-WR sets so Samuel just floated back since he had no one to match up with.

Nnamdi Asomugha - He was up playing press coverage on the right side. Asomugha lined up at right cornerback, not inside, on the first possession.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie - He joined Samuel and Asomugha in the nickel, played inside. DRC had good coverage on one play where Flacco threw it away. He played LCB after Samuel departed and had good coverage on Cole’s sack. DRC has been impressive.

Joselio Hanson - He also saw time inside in the nickel package with the first team. Hanson had good coverage on Anquan Boldin on one Flacco incompletion. He played RCB on a couple plays, and was beat by the tight end for 12 yards on one of them. Hanson had good coverage on Cole’s sack.

Trevard Lindley - He was one of the first reserve cornerbacks to get in the game. As Bo Wulf of pointed out to me, Lindley seems to be getting most of his reps on the right side, and Marsh has been lining up more on the left side.

Curtis Marsh - He had excellent coverage on the Jaiquawn Jarrett interception. Later, Marsh failed to make a tackle on a WR screen in the third.

Kurt Coleman - He had good coverage on Dennis Pitta, but the Ravens tight end made a great play on the first play from scrimmage. Coleman probably turned his head around a split second late.

Jaiquawn Jarrett - He did a nice job coming up with the interception in the first half. Jarrett looked like he held up, but was in position to lay out WR Torrey Smith on the far sideline in the second quarter.

Jarrad Page - He played alongside Jarrett with the twos and had an interception in the end zone in the third.

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