Man Up: State of the Eagles' offensive line

LeSean McCoy celebrates his third quarter 33-yard touchdown run with Jason Avant. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

Below is the player-by-player breakdown of the Eagles' offensive performance against the Bears.

I also recommend checking out this article by Matt Bowen of the National Football Post. Matt explains what the Bears did schematically to confuse the Eagles' offense, which managed just 17 points.

Here are my notes after having re-watched the game:

Michael Vick - I'll have details in Mike Check, but this was not a good performance from Vick. He completed 21 of 38 passes for 213 yards, averaging 5.6 yard per attempt. That YPA number was the lowest of his Eagles career. The Bears fooled him on the red-zone interception, which came on a six-man blitz. And Vick's throw to Jeremy Maclin in the second was nearly picked off by Brian Urlacher. He had two more near-interceptions. Vick made a bad decision and a bad throw on third down in the fourth, as he rolled to his left and threw across his body. He was nearly picked off by Tim Jennings on a pass to the sidelines for Jackson in the fourth. Vick had some good moments too. He showed good patience and made a good throw to Maclin for 13 yards in the fourth. And the 21-yard pass to Celek might have been his best throw of the day. Overall, though, not his finest showing.

LeSean McCoy - He had 71 yards on 16 carries; 33 of those yards came on the touchdown run where McCoy made a linebacker miss and darted towards the end zone. McCoy had just 38 yards on his other 16 carries (2.5 YPC). He had a nice 18-yard run in the second on 3rd-and-3, making Chris Conte look silly in the open field. As a receiver, McCoy showed great concentration to catch the screen that was deflected and pick up 8 yards in the third. He showed good awareness and made a nice move to pick up 8 yards on a little dumpoff in the red zone on 3rd-and-6 in the third. McCoy was solid as a blocker too.

Owen Schmitt - He played just five snaps and was not much of a factor.

Ronnie Brown - What? You didn't think they'd bury him on the bench just because they tried to trade him to Detroit, did you? OK, I'll admit it. I did. Brown played six snaps and took a carry 4 yards to the end zone. As a receiver, he dropped a pass in the second.

Jason Peters - He was by far the Eagles' best offensive lineman. Peters handled Julius Peppers for much of the game. Peppers' one sack came on a play where he was unblocked. But Peters really did damage in the run game. He put a good block on Peppers on McCoy’s 3rd-and-1 conversion in the second. He created room for McCoy on his 4th-and-1 carry in the third that picked up 4. He tossed Israel Idonije and then blocked Conte on McCoy’s 33-yard touchdown run. Another great game by Peters, who is playing at a Pro Bowl level on a consistent basis.

Evan Mathis - He had ups and downs in this one. Mathis missed his block on Urlacher, who stopped McCoy for no gain in the first. He and Peters had trouble with a stunt as Peppers got by Mathis and hit Vick on a third down in the second. He got run over by Stephen Paea, who hit Vick on his 31-yard completion to Maclin. There were good moments too. Mathis did a good job on McCoy’s 4-yard touchdown run in the third. And again on the 33-yard score.

Jason Kelce - Overall, I thought he played pretty well. Kelce did a good job on McCoy’s 18-yard run in the first. He picked up Urlacher on a blitz on the play where Vick was intercepted. Kelce made a good block on McCoy’s 4th-and-1 carry that picked up 4 in the third. And he helped clear a lane for Brown’s 4-yard touchdown. The negatives? It looked like he snapped the ball before Vick was ready in the third. Last week, he snapped the ball and fumbled when Vick was in shotgun. That's not good. Kelce also got beat by Nick Roach on a McCoy run that lost 3 yards.

Danny Watkins - I thought Watkins played well for the most part. He did a good job on Jackson’s end around that picked up 10 in the first. He did a good job again on McCoy’s 10-yard run. In protection, Watkins got the job done on Vick’s 31-yard completion to Maclin and on Vick’s 21-yard completion to Celek. He threw a nice block on Urlacher on the 13-yard screen to McCoy too. The negatives: He got beat by Amobi Okoye, who hit Vick on his deep attempt to Jackson in the first. And Watkins was also called for a false start.

Todd Herremans - He was not as good as he has been all season in protection. Idonije got past him and hit Vick in the second. Idonijie beat him with an inside move, but Vick got rid of the ball to Celek for a 6-yard gain. And Herremans had trouble again with Idonije on Vick’s third-down incompletion in the third. He couldn’t keep Henry Melton blocked, as he dropped McCoy for a 3-yard loss in the third. Herremans had some good moments in the run game though. He tossed Idonije upfield and then trucked Urlacher, creating space for McCoy’s 10-yard run. He got to Lance Briggs on McCoy’s 18-yard run in the first and blocked Urlacher on McCoy’s 7-yard run in the red zone in the third.

DeSean Jackson - Not a good game. On special teams he had the fumble, and Jackson finished with just two catches for 16 yards on eight targets. Vick took a shot deep with him early with the Bears in man coverage, but Jennings stuck with Jackson pretty well. It wasn’t an easy catch, but Jackson probably should have made the grab deep over the middle on third down in the third. He took an end around 10 yards in the first.

Jeremy Maclin - Maclin slipped on the final fourth down play, falling 1 yard short of a first, although to be fair, Vick's throw was high. His 31-yard catch in the second was the Eagles’ longest pass play of the day. Maclin dropped what would have been a gain of at least 20 at the end of the first half. He blocked just enough of Charles Tillman on McCoy’s 33-yard touchdown. Overall, four catches for 63 yards.

Jason Avant - Quiet game with just two catches for 20 yards. He had a nice 12-yard grab on 3rd-and-4 in the third near the sideline.

Riley Cooper - He played five snaps, but was not targeted.

Steve Smith - He has not played a snap since the Redskins game. DNP - coach's decision for the second straight week.

Brent Celek - He was productive once again with seven catches for 60 yards on nine targets. Celek had a pair of third-down catches (each for 6 yards) in the first. And he hauled in a 21-yard reception in the third. Celek's averaging six catches and 65 yards per game in the last three.

Clay Harbor - He played 25 snaps, but I didn't notice him much. Harbor had one catch for 8 yards.

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