Lurie ranked 4th-best owner

Jeffrey Lurie was recently ranked the fourth-best owner in the NFL. (AP / File photo)

Before you jump down to the comments section and berate me for posting the same thing twice, this entry is different than last week's. I promise.

This post references's recent rankings of the best and worst owners in all four major sports.

Last week, we referenced a National Football Post piece that ranked Jeffrey Lurie and the Eagles the fourth-best organization in the NFL.

Well, it looks like the national media are on the same page in terms of how Lurie and the Eagles stack up. has Lurie ranked the fourth-best owner.

Here's the explanation:

Lurie has brought consistency to one of the more historically volatile franchises in the NFL (one of his predecessors nearly went bankrupt and another nearly moved the team to Phoenix). Under the Boston-born Lurie, the Eagles are financially secure and have a modern stadium that will guarantee the team continued self-reliance. The Eagles have also had the most success in franchise history, reaching five NFC Championship Games in eight years and appearing in their second Super Bowl.

The National Football Post piece laid out in detail how its rankings were compiled.

The piece does not, although it includes winning percentage and franchise value in the rankings, so you would assume that success on the field and financial success were the two major criteria.

As I wrote yesterday, Lurie has been successful on both those fronts.

Should Super Bowl-winning franchises be ranked ahead of the Eagles? Absolutely. But that's only a handful of teams (Patriots, Giants, Steelers, Colts) when considering the most recent era.

And no one would argue against Lurie's financial success after he was named one of the world's 793 billionaires by Forbes earlier this year.

The owners has ranked ahead of Lurie are:

1. Rooney Family (Pittsburgh Steelers)
2. Robert Kraft (New England Patriots)
3. Mara & Tisch Families (New York Giants)

So have at it MTC readers. Are the rankings justified?

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