An Eagles fan in Alaska

Last week I asked you to share some of your stories as Eagles fans, and we received pretty good response here at MTC.

I've decided that rather than make it a long, drawn-out process where I follow up and ask detailed questions, I'd rather just post the stories as you send them, with some minor edits.

So if you have a tale to share as an Eagles fan, or a funny anecdote, e-mail me at We won't get to all of them, but I thank everyone who takes the time to write in. They can be short, long, whatever. Just please try to make them somewhat literate. I'm unlikely to take more than a few minutes editing.

Also, if you don't have a story, but have a great photo or YouTube video, we'll take those also.

And a reminder, I'm especially interested in hearing from an Eagles fan who is currently serving our country.

We'll get the series started with Jim:

Born in Chester, grew up in Brookhaven and always been an IGGLES fan.  Moved to Bush Alaska (defined as a place with no roads to get there, you have to fly) in 1992.  Had one TV station called “RAT NET” for “Rural Alaska Television Network”  It was TV-by-committee. Some guys living in Bethel [a town in Alaska] would decide what to air. It was like never getting the remote from your wife.  The only time the IGGS made it on was a Monday night.  The rest of the time, it was the 49ers or Seahawks. 

So I would “read” the game “live” online using a 28K dial-up. Talk about frustrating. One time they were playing the Giants and the Web site went down. I got on a Giants board with a chat room, and one of the guys felt sorry for me and typed the play-by-play. Dude must have been a secretary. Man he was fast.

Now I live in Anchorage so we make it to one away game a year.  This year, it's the San Diego game.

Go Birds!!

Thanks to Jim for sharing. Birds fans in Alaska. Who knew? If only we had our live game chats back then...

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