Knowshon Moreno highlights

About to head down to the Wachovia Center to check out the opening round of the NCAA Tournament. My buddy MC from "MC's pick of the week" came up huge with an extra ticket for his friend and blogger.

But before I hop on the subway, I thought I'd include a quick YouTube clip of Georgia running back Knowshon Moreno.'s Don Banks has the Eagles taking Moreno with the 21st pick:

The Eagles need to come away from the first round with a running back and an offensive tackle to show for their two picks, and while running backs have a tendency to slide some in the opening round, Moreno might not last until No. 28. He and Connecticut's Donald Brown are both good pass-catchers who can pick up the blitz and handle short-yardage situations.

I'll have much more Friday, but in the mean-time, enjoy the highlights, and enjoy the tournament.