Jacobs talking noise; Cowboys hiding

Some interesting NFC East-related links to pass along this Thursday afternoon.

Let's start with the Cowboys.

Former Dallas LB/DE Greg Ellis, now with the Raiders, sounded off on Michael Irvin's radio show about his diminished playing time last season. He said teammate DeMarcus Ware would actually come out of the game and hide so that Ellis could get back on the field.

“It’s a disgrace but Demarcus Ware comes off the field just so I can get in the game and the coaches tell him to come on the field," Ellis said, per sportsradiointerviews.com. "He tries to hide so I can play. You tell me we’re trying to win a Super Bowl. Guys don’t buy into that and I can’t be a leader if you play me that way. Guys are not going to receive what I’m saying when I’m stuck on the bench and I understand that from guys.”

It's times like these you appreciate having Andy Reid as your head coach, Philadelphia.

Ellis continued:

“On his own, he would say, 'G, come on,' and I would tell him, 'No, Marcus. Go ahead man, you’re coming up on your contract, don’t mess this up. You go ahead and be you and we’re just going to do what the coaches they want to do, that’s what we’re going to do.' ”

Too good. My favorite part is that he he said he brought up Ware's contract in between plays when the defense was on the field. Priceless.

Ware was asked about Ellis' comments on SIRIUS NFL Radio's "The Opening Drive" with Bob Papa and Randy Cross. Here's part of what he said, per ESPN.com's Matt Mosley:

"Yeah, and that's the same thing like I was saying like sometimes guys, if you leave it up to the players, they're like, 'OK, I don't want to go out any plays. I want to try to make every play.' But a team player is going to say, 'OK, I'm tired right now. I can't give you anything else. Could you put this guy in?' And this next guy is going to come in here and he's going to make the plays that I should be making at full steam ahead or whatever. So I just think that then once you go back in there, you're fresh, you're fresh and you're back going again. So you gotta have that rest throughout the whole game. Got to.”

I'm reminded of that famous NFL Films clip from the Rams-Titans Super Bowl where Dick Vermeil couldn't believe that Kevin Carter was asking out of the game on Tennessee's final drive.

Not sure Ware's explanation would fly here in Philadelphia. I'm not sure it's going to get rave reviews in Dallas either for that matter.

Meanwhile, Brandon Jacobs had some interesting things to say about Tony Romo on his radio show with 1050 ESPN's Brandon Tierney.

"I'm not a fan of Tony Romo, no. Keep him in the pocket, he's not that good..." Jacobs said, per New York Daily News writer Ralph Vacchiano's Twitter.

Jacobs went on:

"His luck will be gone sooner or later. If you were to keep Tony Romo in the pocket he's not that effective. ...

"I don't think he's that good a passer, to be honest with you."

Jacobs will have a weekly radio show on Mondays during the season. We'll be sure to listen, particularly on the weeks leading up to the Giants-Eagles matchups.

Earlier in the offseason, Jacobs predicted that the Giants would win 13 games, and he spoke about the "bad, bitter, disgusting taste" he had after losing to the Eagles in the divisional round last season.