Are Eagles games affordable?

A friend passed along a marketing report, which lists how much it costs to attend NFL games at the various venues around the country.

With the Eagles set to open their home schedule this Sunday, and the Cowboys slated to break in their new Stadium Sunday night, I thought now would be a good time to reference it.

According to Chicago-based firm Team Marketing Research, the average ticket cost for an NFL game is $74.99. The Eagles fall below the average at $69.00. Seventeen teams have a higher average ticket price than the Eagles.

Other costs to attend a game at the Linc, per the report:

16 oz. beer: $6.75
32 oz. soft drink: $5.00
Hot dog: $4.50
Parking: $20.00
Program: $5.00

The report also included a special category, which calculated how much it would cost to take a family of four to a game. The number included four average-priced general tickets, two small beers, four small soft drinks, four hot dogs, parking, two programs, and two least-expensive caps. For the Eagles, the total came out to $387.50, which ranked in the middle of the pack, 15th in the league. The league average is $412.64.

If you're like the Kapadias, you stop for hoagies on the way, eat them in the car while listening to pre-game shows on the radio and you share a soda and Chickie's and Pete's crab fries while in the stadium. For the really cold games, add in a hot chocolate. But then again, that's just us.

So who's at the top of this list? It should come as no surprise. The Dallas Cowboys. Average ticket price? $159.65.

Average family of four? $758.58. Wow. That's unbelievable.

The study points out though that Dallas offers standing room only tickets for $29 and season ticket packages for as low as $59 per game.

The Patriots ($117.84 for the average ticket), Bears ($88.33) and Giants ($88.63) are also among the most expensive teams.

The Browns ($54.65), Panthers ($63.32), Jaguars ($57.34) and Bills ($51.24) are the most affordable.