Eagles CB Ikegwuonu takes stand

Eagles cornerback Jack Ikegwuonu took the stand yesterday as his trial on residential burglary and criminal trespassing resumed in Sycamore, Ill.

He is being charged with allegedly breaking into a DeKalb, Illinois townhouse with his brother Bill and possibly attempting to steal an Xbox in November, 2006.

Reporter Carrie Frillman of the Daily Chronicle has all the details in her story today.

Ikegwuonu said he had spoken to Michael Britton, one of the residents of the townhouse, about attending a party there, but Britton said he did not invite the brothers to his place and had not spoken to them earlier that night.

Safyian Baba, another resident of the townhouse, said he was at a nearby residence when he noticed the door was open at his place. When he arrived, he saw two men dressed in black. He yelled profanities, and they took off running.

Per Frillman, Ikegwuonu's attorney cross-examined Baba, showing two handwriting samples to the judge to prove Baba was drunk. One sample was written the morning of the incident, and the other in December.

Closing arguments are scheduled to be given today in the bench trial before the judge makes a ruling.

Bill Ikegwuonu was found not guilty during an April trial.

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