Effect of Peters trade on draft, Boldin

As you know by now, the Eagles have acquired Bills Pro Bowl left tackle Jason Peters.

Reports indicate that the deal will not be finalized until the Eagles and Peters agree to terms on a new contract.

Update: ESPN.com's Tim Graham reports that Peters is currently meeting with the Eagles and talks are going so well that a deal could be announced today.

The Birds gave up the 28th pick in next weekend's draft, along with a fourth-rounder. The Bills will also receive an undisclosed pick in next year's draft.

The offensive line has a chance to be truly dominant next season, but how will this affect the rest of the team's plans?

ESPN reported yesterday that the Eagles were one of the teams that had shown interest in Anquan Boldin. You'd have to think that Boldin becomes a longshot now. As many of you would point out, I've been wrong before, but I can't imagine a scenario where they'd deal both first-round picks.

And then there's the question of the No. 21 selection.

While the Eagles surprise us (for better or worse) every year on draft day, most people seemed pretty confident that they'd select a tackle with one of their two first-round picks.

And in a way they did, in the form of a 27-year-old Pro Bowler.

But what will they do with the 21st pick now that Peters is on board?

Running back would seem like the most obvious option, but it's obviously far from a sure thing.

Offensive line depth? Tight end? A defensive back? Pass rusher?

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts.

Should be an interesting week.

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