Heckert sends mixed signals on adding WR

In a FOX interview with Anthony Gargano, Eagles general manager Tom Heckert talked about the team's offseason plans, including the possibility of adding a wide receiver.

Gargano asked Heckert point-blank what the Eagles need to do to get better in the offseason.

"I know from the fans' aspect here [laughing], everybody's talking about receiver, but you know, you look at it, Donovan [McNabb] broke all his records this year than he's had in the past throwing the ball," Heckert said. "So I think that's an easy out for everybody to say we need a wide receiver but we think we did get one. We got DeSean Jackson who's gonna be a great player for us."

Previously in the interview, however, Heckert was asked if McNabb has the ability to win a game at the end, and he seemed to indicate that the Birds' QB could use some help.

"You can't throw everything on Donovan," he said. "We have to do a better job of getting better players. We have to do things to help him out and to help the whole team out."

Later, Gargano specifically brought up the name of Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin, who could end up on the trading block. Gargano pointed out that he knew Heckert couldn't talk specifically about Boldin, but he asked if a player of his caliber were available, would it be something the Eagles might be interested in.

"We've always said we're not against receivers," Heckert said. "That was kind of the gist with the fans that we just refuse to go after receiver. We did it with T.O. If we think there's a great receiver out there that can help us, we'll go after him."

It should be expected that Heckert wasn't going to tip his hand to the public during the interview. But it was interesting that he wasn't shy about identifying a couple positions where he thinks the team does need help. One of those was backup running back.

Gargano asked if the team had ruled out using an early draft pick on a running back.

"I don't think you can rule that out at all," Heckert said. "It's just a situation where Brian's [Westbrook] a great football player. We think he's the best back in the league, especially for our offense, but we do need another guy so I wouldn't rule that out at all. If there's a player there that we think can help us and help spell Brian a little bit, we'd do that."

It was almost a 15-minute interview. Here were some other highlights:

** Heckert said Reggie Brown will be back with the team next season.

** Heckert said the team would love to have Brian Dawkins back.

** He said defensive end is not a "high priority" and the team is pretty much set at linebacker.

** Answering the annual question of whether the window is open: "I don't think there's any question about it. I think it's probably opening more just because like we talked about, our defense is so good and we're gonna improve there."

** On whether the team plans on keeping its two first-round picks or would be open to making a deal: "Obviously in our situation, we probably don't need to move down to get [more] picks. We're in pretty good shape. But you know, moving up is always a possibility."

Click here to watch the entire interview.

Tip of the cap to Mike Missanelli and ESPN 950, where I first heard Heckert's comments.