Justice battles back; feisty Maclin

Winston Justice (74) blocking Brandon Graham has been an exciting match up to watch during camp. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

Brandon Graham got the best of Winston Justice yesterday.

But Justice battled back this morning.

I watched three consecutive plays where he did a good job keeping Graham away from Kevin Kolb. On one play, Justice pushed Graham to the ground, and the Eagles' rookie actually bumped into Kolb's leg. The Eagles' starting QB got up and was fine, but there was a brief hold-your-breath moment.

On the fourth play, Justice would have probably been called for a holding penalty if this were a real game. But it was good to see him come back against Graham. This has turned into my favorite matchup of camp so far.

Other observations:

Andy Reid took it easy on the guys today, with no live hitting session. The afternoon practice will be light also. Reid said the players had put in a good three-day stretch, so he wanted to hold back a little today.

* As for the theory that Reid's hard practices lead to injuries, I'm not sure I buy that. Many of the injuries - DeSean Jackson, Asante Samuel, Macho Harris, A.Q. Shipley, and Antonio Dixon - were sustained during the afternoon sessions when the Eagles were not even in pads.

* Jeremy Maclin and Dimitri Patterson mixed it up after Maclin caught a great pass in the middle of the field from Kolb. No swings thrown, nothing like the Riley Cooper/Ellis Hobbs fight from the weekend. They kind of just grabbed each other and wouldn't let go until others broke them up. I did notice that Cooper was one of the first guys to go over and help Maclin out though. Jason Avant too. Pretty much the whole defense was behind Patterson. Afterwards, Quintin Mikell threw fake punches at Avant to lighten the mood. Don't forget - we saw Maclin get feisty at times last season. I remember him mixing it up with the Cowboys defensive backs.

* Juqua Parker got the day off. He's the only member of Reid's 30 and over club.

* Another good matchup is LeSean McCoy vs. Ernie Sims. Yesterday Sims was charged with keeping tabs on McCoy in coverage. Today, McCoy was charged with blocking Sims in blitz pickup. He did a decent job from what I could tell.

* Stacy Andrews missed practice with a shoulder strain. Mike McGlynn filled in at right guard with the first team, and Dallas Reynolds filled in at center with the second team.

* Today was the first time in camp I can remember Chad Hall dropping a pass.

* Moise Fokou saw some time at DE once again, but he also had reps as the second-team SAM linebacker.

* At one point, Graham took a knee next to Trent Cole. And the two talked over the previous set of downs as the second-teamers took the field. Two guys the Eagles are counting on big-time to take stress off the secondary - not only this season, but for years to come.

* Michael Vick air-mailed one pass down the near sideline. Joe Banner jumped out of the way as Mike Quick, standing behind him, made the grab. The crowd loved it.

* Rookie tight end Clay Harbor has been seeing more reps with the first and second teams the last couple days. Part of that is due to injuries, but he also seems to be improving. I talked to him for awhile after practice. Will have more on that conversation later.

* Vick and Riley Cooper seem to have formed a great rapport. Nice job by Cooper to come back to the ball on a throw by Vick today.

* Second day in a row that Marty Mornhinweg stopped a play because LeSean McCoy was lined up incorrectly as a receiver. I guess that's what training camp is for.

* Earlier today, I took a look at Kolb's projected numbers and Joselio Hanson's chances of being the Eagles' starting right cornerback.

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