Hall: Redskins will dominate division

DeAngelo Hall thinks the Redskins will dominate the division in 2010. (AP photo / Nick Wass)

Yesterday I shared the latest, post-draft Super Bowl odds in this space.

According to Vegas, the Eagles have a better chance of bringing home the Lombardi Trophy than the Redskins.

But Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall would disagree.

Speaking at the Redskins' draft party, Hall reportedly told the D.C. fans he felt good about Washington winning 11 or 12 games in 2010.

Dan Steinberg of washingtonpost.com followed up with him afterwards.

"It's based on the talent we feel like we've got," he said. "It's based on the improvements I feel like we've made. It's based on the scheme. The scheme alone is gonna give us four or five more wins. The games we lost by two, three points, we'll win those games, easy.

"We'll dominate our division, off of bringing Donovan McNabb in here, a guy who's dominated the division in the past. So that's just an educated guess. That's an educated guess, and I stand behind. I'll stand behind that. I'll fight and claw to try to make that happen."

There's been no shortage of talk in the NFC East this offseason. Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking called the Eagles predictable, and Birds tight end Brent Celek responded, saying he couldn't wait to get a shot at Dallas this season.

Now Hall has entered the mix.

Brandon Jacobs, you're up.

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