Goodell: Vick making progress

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said today that Michael Vick is "making the right kind of progress" but he has yet to decide when he'll reinstate the Eagles' quarterback.

Per the Associated Press report, Goodell said he'll consider Vick for reinstatement no later than Week 6 of the regular season.

"A lot of those issues I'm focusing on are off the field. How is he dealing with the transition? Does he have his family relocated? Does he have the right people around him helping him make decisions?" Goodell said, according to the AP. "Tony Dungy's been incredibly helpful. Donovan McNabb's been helpful. I talk to Michael on a weekly basis, if not more. I'll be meeting with him again sometime in the near future. ... He's focused on the right things."

Some other links to pass along:

** Giants defensive lineman Osi Umenyiora said it was "stupid" and "trivial" for him to walk out on practice yesterday.

**'s Matt Mosley says the Eagles have the best backup QB situation in the division.

**'s Norman Chad joins the growing crowd of national media members who believe the fans don't appreciate Andy Reid or Donovan McNabb. He asys McNabb is one of the QBs he'll be watching closely this year:

Let me say this about the Eagles: The city of Philadelphia does not deserve Andy Reid or Donovan McNabb. The coach and the quarterback have given those fans a great decade of football and, in return, the fans dump on them at the first sign of trouble. All things considered -- if I were Reid or McNabb -- I'd rather be in the Philippines.

Let me say this about the unceasing Michael Vick commotion: He committed a crime, he was convicted of the crime, he did prison time for the crime and now -- best I can tell according to U.S. law and custom -- he is allowed to work again despite the crime. Which, in Philadelphia, means that if he throws a couple of interceptions, they'll run his butt right back to Leavenworth.

**'s Adam Schein calls the McNabb/Vick/Reid dynamic one of the preseason's unsolved mysteries:

As we predicted, the Vick signing would disrupt the Eagles' offensive flow, fluster McNabb, force Reid to deal with issues that have nothing to do with the focus on winning the football game and make Philly fans look even more knee-jerk and unappreciative. We saw it all last Thursday night.

**'s Clark Judge predicts that the Eagles will finish third in the NFC East, behind the Cowboys and Giants:

Sorry, Joe Banner, but this isn't the most talented roster in the NFL. It is, however, deep in almost all the right places. The loss of defensive coordinator Jim Johnson is huge, with Sean McDermott in the unenviable position of succeeding him. The loss of Dawkins, the leader on and off the field, is big, too. But the Eagles have weapons galore, and isn't that what McNabb said he needed to get to the Super Bowl? One problem: While quick and fast, these weapons are small.