Giants suspend Burress; Millen out in Detroit

The Giants have suspended wide receiver Plaxico Burress for two weeks due to insubordination, according to's Jay Glazer.

According to the report, Burress did not show up for work on Monday and didn't call the team back when they tried to contact him about his absence.

Now before you go checking the Giants' schedule to see who they play the next two games, there's a slight catch. New York has a bye this week. In Week 5, however, they play the Seahawks. So why say it's a two-week suspension if they only have one game? Well, according to the report, it means Burress won't get paid for the two weeks of work.

Burress was off to a good start this season with 18 catches for 259 yards and a touchdown in three games. He signed a five-year, $35M extension earlier this month. Burress has scored touchdowns in three of his last four games against the Eagles.

In other news, Matt Millen is out in Detroit. The Lions went 31-84 under his direction and started this season off 0-3. They also seemed to draft a wide receiver in the first round every year.

By the way, I did a pretty extensive Eagles Links Wednesday post earlier today so make sure that doesn't get lost in the shuffle during your daily blog-viewing.