Giants plotting a big move?

We'll try to recap news around the NFC East at least once a week in the offseason here at MTC.

Today, we start with the Giants.

Interesting item in Mike Garafolo's Giants notebook on Garafolo reports that the Giants have notified Amani Toomer that they're unlikely to bring him back. Meanwhile, Plaxico Burress' future remains uncertain (more on that later).

So what exactly are the Giants, a team that struggled throwing the football without Burress, going to do about their passing game before '09?

"Something tells me the Giants have an ace up their sleeve," Garafolo writes. "Something drastic must be coming. Anquan Boldin? Tony Gonzalez? Braylon Edwards? Trade up in the draft for a top receiver? No idea, but they have to do something ... right?"

It's an interesting theory. On Saturday, I heard Ray Didinger suggest the Giants would be interested in Boldin also on WIP. And Gary Myers of the New York Daily News has been making the suggestion for weeks now.

But will the Cardinals receiver be available? As I've stated before, he's still under contract, and Boldin's teammates -- Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald specifically -- have spoken out about the team's need to keep him.

A report out of radio station XTRA in Arizona says Boldin has told the Cardinals he won't accept a new offer with them and that he still wants out. Of course, money has a way of changing people's minds, and we'll keep our eye on this throughout the offseason.

As for Burress, reports that he and the Giants are currently in a battle over cash. Per the report, the issue at hand is previous bonus money and future money that could reach millions of dollars. The Giants make the case that Burress violated the terms of his deal. But Burress has filed a grievance. As for his playing status, the wide receiver has to deal with the legal system first.

Could Redskins make move for Cassel?

Things have been relatively quiet with the Redskins. However, that could change. Mike Lombardi of the National Football Post lists Washington as a possible sleeper destination for Matt Cassel.

"The ‘Skins are going to live and die with their current quarterback, Jason Campbell, and have put the word out that they will not be players in the free-agent market," Lombardi writes. "However, they will need to consider making this move and should do their homework before they dismiss the notion of a trade.  Trust me on this, a year from now the ‘Skins will be looking for a quarterback."

T.O. on his way out?

That is the offseason question in Dallas. The latest?'s Peter King joins others who believe the Cowboys will cut ties with Terrell Owens.

"I think everyone doing free-agent lists should add one name in pencil: Terrell Owens. I'll bet you a month's worth of lattes he'll be free in six weeks," King writes.

Cowboys vice president and Jerry Jones' son, Stephen Jones, has been rumored to be the one pushing for Owens' exit. When approached about the topic recently, Stephen Jones would not comment.

Meanwhile, last week in this space we talked about Dan Reeves joining the Cowboys as a consultant, but that's not happening. The issue was reportedly a clause that dictated how many hours Reeves would have to work each week.

Only in Dallas.

And finally, the Cowboys officially cut Pacman Jones.

 "I still think I'm one of the best players on that team," Jones told The Dallas Morning News. "It is what it is."