Giants' Tuck: McNabb, Runyan have tells

Giants defensive lineman Justin Tuck had some interesting thing to say about the Eagles during an interview with Dan Patrick earlier this week.

Patrick asked Tuck to give an example of a quarterback who has a tell, in terms of figuring out when the ball is going to be snapped.

“I would say the one I can really say the most is probably McNabb," Tuck said. "You can tell when he’s about to snap the ball in shotgun or when he’s under the center. If you’re able to see it, he always claps his hands together when he’s about to snap the football. Well, not always, obviously nothing is 100 percent, but you can definitely start to get ready when you see that happen.”

Tuck said Jon Runyan had a tell also.

"And also Runyan, as a tackle, he has a tell as far as how his foot’s placed," Tuck said. "You can tell run or pass off of it. Sometimes he kind of tricks you and gives you some different looks. For the most part, it’s kind of reliable."

Tuck's comments are interesting because during the Cardinals-Falcons wild-card game in Arizona, the Cards' defense did a tremendous job of timing Matt Ryan's snap count. It even led to a second-half forced fumble that resulted in a defensive touchdown. Just one more thing to keep an eye out for in Sunday's game.

There was one other comment Tuck made that might be of interest here. Patrick asked him about McNabb's picking-up-the-phone stunt from last week. Tuck said he didn't find out about it until after the game. Patrick asked if he would have popped McNabb had he seen it happen live.

"More than likely, yes," Tuck said.

He added that he doesn't "look highly upon it."

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