10 observations: Giants 16, Redskins 7

Eli Manning helped the Giants beat the Redskins, 16-7, in the NFL opener Thursday night. (Bill Kostroun/AP)

Here are 10 observations from tonight's NFL opener:

1. Text from friend and Moving the Chains reader Joe Monte at 8 p.m.:

Nice pick with the 'Skins. Are you the new Mr. Z?

So I'm 0-1 on the season, but there's still a long way to go. Look for the rest of my picks on Friday.

2. Anyone else notice the liberal officiating? In the first quarter, Giants running back Brandon Jacobs slapped a Redskins defender in the head after a play was over, but no flag. In the second half, Redskins offensive lineman Pete Kendall and Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce tried to rip each others' helmets off (Kendall won that battle), but once again, no flags. Let's hope this signals refs keeping the flags in their pockets a little more this season.

3. Referee Ed Hochuli looks as jacked as ever. How does he do it? I found this interview on runnersworld.com where he describes his routine. It's cardio for an hour seven days a week and lifting three-to-four times a week. When he runs, he listens to "electronic or trance" music. This is why I love the internet.

4. "At least we know we can handle Washington," my Dad, an Eagles fan, after the Redskins failed to pick up a first down other than on a penalty in the first quarter.

5. We did have a Jerome McDougle sighting tonight. The ex-Eagles first-round pick was flagged for a 15-yard roughing the punter penalty in the first half. The Giants picked up another personal foul penalty on special teams later in the game and gave up a big return that led to Washington's only score.

6. "Where'd that truck come from?" said John Madden after Jacobs ran over a Redskins defender. I had an immediate flashback to playing Madden '92 on Sega Genesis. Who's with me here?

7. Good to see that other teams also frustrate their fans. The Redskins took their sweet old time at the end of the fourth quarter down nine points. It was as if they forgot what quarter it was. Sound familiar anyone? Not to mention their attempts to block Giants defensive lineman Justin Tuck with tight end Chris Cooley on a couple occasions.

8. I've heard people say they won't take their children to Eagles games. Well I would never take my kid to a political convention. I like to think I'm pretty flexible in terms of getting along with different types of people, but I would be terrified to be around some of these hooligans for an extended period of time (and that goes for both parties).

9. I'd be a pretty excited fantasy owner if I had Plaxico Burress or Jacobs. Burress finished with 10 catches for 133 yards. Jacobs had 21 carries for 116 yards.

10. The quarterback play was not very impressive. Manning was great at times in the first half, but the Redskins dropped at least three interceptions, and New York failed to score in the second half. Jason Campbell, meanwhile, completed 15 of 27 passes for 133 yards. And 56 of those yards came on Washington's final drive when the game was out of hand.