G-Lew saw 'writing on the wall'

While many of the current members of the Eagles organization are keeping quiet, ex-Eagles are speaking up about their new homes.

We've heard from Tra Thomas and Brian Dawkins over the past few weeks. And today it was Greg Lewis' turn.

Lewis spoke to the Boston media today for the first time since being dealt to the Patriots.

He discussed his Eagles past and his future in New England.

Here are some excerpts, courtesy of Chad Finn of The Boston Globe:

On if the trade caught him off guard: "It really didn’t catch me off guard. You could see the writing on the wall with the guys they had there in Philadelphia. My role had diminished. That was something that could happen and it did."

On his relationship with Terrell Owens: "He was cool with me. We were both receivers and both in the same meeting rooms together. Usually, you have a rapport with the guys you spend the most time with. I talked to all the receivers we had in Philadelphia until this day. I am cool with him and I believe he’s cool with me."

On his ability to play special teams (you'll like this one): "I fit in here with whatever they ask me to do. I am willing and ready to compete for an opportunity to play on special teams. I’ve been the gunner on the punt coverage teams. I’ve been the guy that’s defended the gunner. I’ve been on the kickoff team as a safety and as a guy running down there to try to get involved. I’ve been on the punt return team as a returner – that didn’t work well. But, I’ve also been on punt return team as a blocker, trying to block kicks. I’m capable of doing any and everything they ask me to do. I am just looking forward to the opportunity to be a part of it."

On what he meant when he said he saw the writing on the wall: "They had DeSean Jackson who came in and had an outstanding year as a rookie. He was going to get an opportunity to play. They had Kevin Curtis who came back from an injury after six games and he was doing well. Jason Avant was pretty much the third receiver out there and he was doing a great job. Hank Baskett was also involved in that group too, so those were the four guys. Then, me and Reggie Brown didn’t know where we fit in so to speak. We had roles that we could do but we weren’t obligated or asked to fill them out in certain situations. One game I was down, one game he was down and you could see that they were going in a different direction. I have no ill feelings towards anything that took place in Philadelphia. I moved on, they moved on and I got a fresh start here."

You can click on the above link to read the full transcript, but I think those are the passages that would be of interest to the audience here.

Didn't get to Jay Cutler and the rest of NFL news yet so we'll save that for tomorrow. Or maybe later tonight if I can pry myself away from the Jack Bauer hour long enough.