G-Lew a good fit with Pats?

It's a pretty quiet morning around the NFL.

The suspense around some of the big names (Ray LewisT.J. Houshmandzadeh, etc.) ended this past week, and the Terrell Owens watch continues. There may or may not be interest in the receiver, depending on who you ask of course.

But since I've become completely obsessed with posting updates on MTC, to the point where friends and family have stopped speaking to me, I wanted to pass something along.

And what better topic than Greg Lewis?

I remember when his name first found its way into the heads of Eagles fans.

A speedy receiver who could stretch the field, but had been largely under-the radar?

Sounded good to us.

The media loved him. Remember when he had a regular appearance on Daily News Live?

But as the Eagles asked more from Lewis, it became clear that his ceiling wasn't quite as high as some anticipated (except for some timely performances against the Patriots).

And in no time, Birds fans were wondering why he was even on the roster.

The Eagles, of course, traded the wide receiver and a seventh-round pick to the Patriots for a fifth-rounder earlier this week, causing Birds fans across the nation to jump for joy and forget about the loss of Brian Dawkins.

OK, not quite.

But will our worst-case scenario play out? Will Bill Belichick turn G-Lew into a legitimate NFL receiver, who can contribute on a consistent basis?

One national writer seems to think that could be the case.

Mike Lombardi of the National Football Post says that while Lewis wasn't a difference-maker with the Eagles, he very well could be a good fit with the Patriots.

"The funny thing about the trade of Lewis is that it involved one team that’s not talented at wide receiver and another team that is talented at wide receiver," Lombardi writes.  "Lewis is the right fit for the Patriots because he’s an outside wide receiver who can make plays outside the numbers and will be away from Randy Moss, who will draw all the doubles and rolled coverage.  Lewis will be one-on-one on the outside, and this is where his 'down the field' speed will be able to create some match-up advantages.

"The reason for signing Lewis is that he’ll make a few catches a game but have a huge average per catch," Lombardi continues.  "If teams want to roll into Moss, the Patriots need a third wide receiver to make plays and win against man-to-man.  Lewis has the speed to get open, but he’ll need to prove he can consistently catch the ball."

So there you have it.

What do you think? Will G-Lew have success in New England?