Screen passes, perfecting handshakes

The Eagles have wrapped up their afternoon practice at Lehigh, and the indoor session wasn't nearly as eventful as the morning one.

The players were in shorts and sneakers, without pads, as they went through the motions at the fieldhouse.

But there's always something to break down here at MTC, so let's talk screen passes.

During the afternoon session, the Eagles ran a screen to rookie running back LeSean McCoy. Is this something we should expect to see in 2009? McCoy has looked pretty sure-handed as a receiver, and Brian Westbrook caught 54 passes last season, his lowest total in five years.

In their almanac, Football Outsiders took a look at the Eagles and their use of the screen pass in 2009. They found that the Eagles ran 14 screens to running backs on first down last season. They averaged 8.1 yards per screen and had a success rate of 64 percent. The league averages were 5.9 yards per screen and a success rate of 50 percent. It will be interesting to see how much they're able to use McCoy as a receiver in the screen game.

Some other notes:

** I'm pretty sure I caught Chris Clemons and Juqua Parker trying out different handshakes on the sidelines this afternoon. At one point they did the Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff classic.

** I know some of you have asked how the Eagles will use new fullback Leonard Weaver. So far he's gotten a chance to carry the ball, catch the ball, and of course, be a lead blocker for McCoy and Lorenzo Booker.

** I had to buy a new suit last week for my buddy J-Mons' wedding, which is coming up next weekend. Among the alterations they had to make was to "take the seat in." Basically it was a little baggy in the backside. After standing three feet away from Mike Patterson, I can say with 100 percent certainty that he will never have to get that alteration made.

** Many of you have responded to my question about whether I'm over-Tweeting and said you like the updates, so I'll keep them up. Today, a relative of Brent Celek in Ohio started following MTC. And to those of you who have asked questions via Twitter, we'll get to them in a mailbag. Sorry I couldn't get back to you right away.

** Former Cowboys defensive coordinator Brian Stewart, who the Eagles signed as a special assistant, was working quite a bit with the defensive backs as they came to the sidelines during the afternoon practice.

** I'm going to watch what compliments I dish out to certain players. In my last post, you accused me of having a man-crush on McCoy, Jason Avant and Sean McDermott.

** I  did an earlier post with more football-related stuff from practice.

** Below is our video from today with me and Bob Brookover of the Inquirer.