Freeney fires back at Celek

Brent Celek said earlier this week that Dwight Freeney was ready to give up in Sunday's win. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

The Eagles were able to neutralize Pro Bowl defensive end Dwight Freeney in last week's win over the Colts.

Part of that was Jason Peters playing well in his return.

And another big part was the game plan. By my count, Peters was asked to block the opposing Colts defensive end (usually Freeney) 13 times. The other 21 times, there was help. Sometimes that meant the Eagles running a screen or rolling Vick out. And many other times, that meant a tight end or running back chipping or staying in to block.

One of the guys asked to help out was Brent Celek, who said on Daily News Live that the Eagles' strategy against Freeney was extremely effective.

"You could tell, I even talked to my coach about it today, when we were chipping and blocking Freeney, it was getting to the point where he was ready to give up on the field," Celek said in response to a question from the Daily News' Les Bowen. "He was so frustrated and mad. You could tell, after a few guys would hit him, he would just kind of quit on a play."

In today's media climate, anything semi-controversial said on TV or radio will make its way online (and if it's Eagles-related, it will make its way to MTC).

So word of Celek's comments got back to Indy, and Freeney responded yesterday.

Per The Indianapolis Star, Freeney called the comments "kind of funny."

"A guy who doesn't block me one-on-one. He had two other guys helping him or another guy helping him and he's talking trash after the fact," Freeney said, according to the paper. "I wish I heard some of that during the game. But I didn't hear it.

"It is what it is. They won. Hats off to him and them. I'll probably see him again."

Of course, the only way the two teams could meet again this season would be in the Super Bowl.

The whole trash-talk thing is not new to Celek. In the offseason, he and Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking went back and forth. That matchup obviously has lost a little luster, considering Dallas is more likely to have its eyes on the No. 1 pick than a playoff spot when the two teams meet in Week 14.

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